We interviewed Agustí Pérez, race director of Challenge Barcelona

On September 30, the coastal town of Calella (Barcelona) will once again become the epicenter of the Triathlon. Challenge Barcelona-Maresme will arrive one more year in the town to flood its streets with triathletes, ready to become “Finisher” in this internationally prestigious event.


Today this test has already become a benchmark, endorsed by its careful circuits, and by the recent appointment by the ETU (European Triathlon Federation) as the venue for the 2013 European Middle Distance Championship. Challenge Barcelona Maresme It also has a practically flat circuit, which makes it very affordable for anyone who is in good physical condition and who wants to make his long-distance debut.


Last May, as the start of the season, the town hosted the test that ran on Media Distancia, the prelude to what will be next September the Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship and today we were able to interview Agustí Pérez , Race Director.

“The Half Challenge 2012 has been the one that has had the most participation with 1700 triathletes and in which everything has gone the most, the operation of various cuts and volunteering, all well controlled. The event improves, an Expo with more exhibitors, more people in the Pasta Party, the quality of the Nutrisports product that has helped to have less gastric problems and less fainting. More involvement by the brands that makes us happy with the incorporations of Nutrisport, BH, Compressport, Jacked ... since they offer better to triathletes and this always gives an extra point of quality to the test for triathletes "

How is Triathlon lived in Calella since you started in 2009? How does it feel to help so many people fulfill “their dreams”?

“In Calella the Challenge is on the lips of all citizens, restoration…. Hotels, restaurants, shops… they anticipate the arrival of the 2 appointments both due to the economic impact and the hosting of so many athletes, it is already another party in the city. However, 2012 has been a before and after with reference to this circuit that thanks to the excellent response of the triathlete and the work carried out by the organization improves year after year, but nevertheless there have been very tough budget cuts that make us reflect on how go ahead"

The most gratifying thing about organizing a Half Challenge and a Challenge every year and that more than 10.000 triathletes have crossed the finish line is exciting, the return in the form of congratulations and the spectacle offered by these popular and anonymous triathletes is impressive.

How did the Kids Challenge Series initiative come about and how has the response been?

The Kids Challenge has always been a parallel event to the event that invited the little ones to enjoy the Challenge and attract not only the triathlete but also people from the territory, trying to maximize this this year we created the Kids Challenge Series that run throughout the year through different towns through which the Challenge runs, offering races for the little ones and organizing them for free for the municipalities, a way of returning the involvement of the municipalities to the event and that everyone in the territory feels the Challenge is theirs.

What does it mean for Challenge to host a Spanish Championship and if there is a forecast that one year it will be a European Championship, even a World Championship?

The Spanish Championship is the culmination of the project that we started in 2009 with the FETRI, we will try to do our best to make it a first level event again and who knows if another European or World project is the prelude, comment that in no case this It will make you lose the essence of the Challenge Family, these are events where the important thing is the triathletes.

What is the forecast for CHALLENGE 2012? Are there representative international triathletes who have already confirmed their presence?

As of today we have already passed 1000 registered with a forecast of 1400 participants, encouraging all those who want to enjoy this test to come to Calella on September 30.

With regard to elite triathletes, no triathlete of international importance has yet been confirmed, although being the Spanish Long Distance Championship and the € 50.000 in prizes, the level is assured. From here I would like to encourage the entire Spanish triathletics scene to join in on September 30 to make the Challenge Barcelona bigger !!

More information about the test: http://www.challenge-barcelona.es/

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