Rubén Ruzafa "my main objective for this year is to continue evolving as a triathlete"

Rubén has been 2 times Xterra World Champion


The Malaga triathlete Rubén Ruzafa has shown in the 2013 season his great adaptation to this sport, placing himself as one of the best athletes in our country, since Triathlon News we wanted to do an interview to tell us his goals for the 2014



After the magnificent season at the 2013 with the Xterra World Championship, Spanish Championship of Triathlon CrosSub-championship of the World of Triathlon Cros, several victories in the Xterra circuit and a 3rd place in the Spain MD Championship How do you approach the 2014?


In 2014 I will compete in more tests of Xterra in Europe and in 3 Media Distance, my main objective for this year is to continue to evolve as a triathlete, I am working in the sectors where I have more room for improvement to try to become a more complete triathlete.

Are you going to think about middle distance more seriously?

After analyzing the 2013 year, this year is still transition in the middle distance, to strengthen the distances, to swim better, to improve the position on the bike and improve the technique of the race is my goal. For now I plan to compete in 3 tests, including the Ecotrimad Championship of Spain MD in Madrid.


Will you surprise us with any participation in Ironman distance?

For now no, I want to go step by step, consolidating the improvements and adaptation.


Will you continue competing in the Xterra circuit?

Yes, now Xterra is going to be what I'm going to devote more. I get a great performance, they are fun, in spectacular places and the atmosphere is great, we enjoy it a lot. 

 How do you combine the trainings for these two very different disciplines?

Well, it's not easy! Swimming is very similar, the race on foot too, although according to what competitions I have nearby I do more trail and training for Xterra, or more long series for the middle distance. The most complicated is the time trial bike, we try to work at least once a week with it, for now on the roller, later as with the race on foot, I do specific workouts and train more with a bike or with another according to whether the closest competition is Xterra or medium distance triathlon.

With what moment do you stay of all the 2013?

With the Xterra World Championship, I put it among the best moments, if not the best, of my sporting life. Not so much for the title, but more for what it has meant for me and for the people around me.

 Can you tell us something for the 2014?

Of course, although I have not closed the 2014 calendar yet, for now I'm going to start competing in local races to get a rhythm. My first important career I would like it to be in the ICAN of Málaga and start my triathlon season there. He ITU World Championship triathlon cros and above all the Xterra World Championship on Maui they will be my main objectives


Photos:© XTERRA / Nils Nilsen

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