The Olympic Games seen from generation "X" to "Y"

We interviewed Martín Fiz and Diego García in a FACE TO FACE

With three olympic games behind him Martín Fiz It is a benchmark today for all Spanish runners.

Martín Fiz

More than three decades showing us his great talent as an athlete and an incomparable charisma as a person due to his closeness and simplicity, In this interview, he tells us about his professional career as well as other "secrets" to successfully face a competitionIn this case, the Olympic Games that Diego will face in a few weeks.

Martín also accumulates other relevant great successes that certainly kept us glued to the screens for all of Generation X.

Among them we must highlight the titles of World Champion in Goteborg 95, as well as that of European Marathon Champion in Helsinki 94, among many other great titles.

Martín Fiz World Champion in Goteborg 95
Martín Fiz World Champion in Goteborg 95

Diego Garcia.

For him Tokyo is already around the corner and it is his great goal of the year.

Despite his youth, he has already achieved great successes in his professional career, the last being the title of Champion of Spain of 20 km march.

A great athlete, as well as a noble and close person, who conquers not only on the slopes but anywhere with his smile and kindness.

Of course, an athlete to take into account for all of us who are passionate about athletics, since he promises to bring us more than one joy to Spain.

Instagram / Diego García winning the Spanish 20K March Championship

In addition to the Olympic Games and their talent, what is it that unites Martín Fiz and Diego?


Perhaps some of what has changed the most in the Olympic Games in the last almost 30 years! which is what separates Martín Fiz in Barcelona 92 ​​from Diego García in Tokyo 2021, be it the shoes.

Martín Fiz
Martín Fiz

Skechers athletes for more than 6 years, both agree on the importance of knowing how to choose the perfect footwear for training and competition as well as being able to take advantage of the advantages offered by the new technologies that they incorporate, such as the carbon fiber in the sole that offers greater reactivity and speed for competition.

 Skechers athlete since ……

MARTIN:  It gives me 6 years but… I've already lost count! (Serie)

DIEGO: 2013

Olympic Games Completed or yet to be fulfilled?

 MARTIN:  3 in total.

Barcelona ´92 (I did not go to the final and you know why, in the final meters I was slower than the bad horse. Diesel against gasoline, nothing to do.

There I decided to go to the marathon), Atlanta 1996 (Marathon Distance. Shit! Very close to reaching a badge, at the end a chocolate medal or what is the same, an Olympic diploma) Sidney 2008 (Marathon Distance. Sixth place and again a diploma Olympic)

Martín Fiz at the Olympic Games
Martín Fiz at the Olympic Games

DIEGO: To fulfill!

Tokyo is just around the corner and, at the very least, Paris should be there too. Then there is Los Angeles and… will we ever have Madrid?

MARTÍN, 3 tips that you would give Diego since your seniority for the Olympic Games? 

  1. Enjoy them, being in the Olympics is fulfilling a dream!
  2. Do not be "scared" and be competitive, feel that the Olympic train passes every four years
  3. Take advantage of every moment! See, know, compete and share.

DIEGO, about what 3 things would you ask Martín for advice for the next games?

Diego garcía in a Spanish championship
Diego García in a Spanish championship
  1. Rookie Possible Failure Guide.
  2. Some advice for the weeks leading up to preparation.
  3. Any advice for the course of the race.

What are your favorite shoes to compete in? 

MARTIN: Without a doubt with the Skechers Speed ​​Elite with Carbon fiber


Skechers GoRun Speed ​​Elite Hyper

Skechers GoRun Elite Hyper.

How many km do you plan to do in 2021?

MARTIN: 5.700 (120 Km / Week)

DIEGO: 4.000km. Throughout my life, I have already been able to go around the world doing a march!

Diego García in a marching competition
Diego García in a marching competition

 Your biggest goal 2021.


World Master Record for track time. Achieved (17.662 meters). Try the World Master 15 km record. Maybe I'll try it on September 18 in Valencia


Compete in the Olympics. 

Your favorite workout


4 km warm-up + 12 X 3 'recovering 1' at a slow jog. + 2 km slow jog. Entertaining and intense.


Series of 400 on the track… when the track is busy!

Collage Martin Fiz
Collage Martin Fiz

A quality training prior to the competition and which shoes you choose for it and why.


I warm up for 5 km and then 12 X 400 (1´12 ″ / 400) recovering 45 ″ / 50 ″ at a very slow trot. To finish I do 3 km. very soft. The footwear that I would use or rather that I use is Skechers Razor.


7 or 8 series of 2000m at competition pace with the Skechers Speed ​​Elite racing shoes

A dream fulfilled and a dream to be fulfilled. 


I have planted a tree, I have written a book, and I have a son. On a sporting level I have achieved great successes.

The dream to fulfill will be yet to come because I always dream of improving myself but for this I need health to continue running and if it is with some Skechers, it will be the perfect “marriage”!

Martín Fiz training with Skechers shirt
Martín Fiz training with Skechers shirt


Accomplished: Win a medal in the absolute category (Silver in the Berlin European)

To fulfill… Win an Olympic medal! If Tokyo 2021 is fulfilled, I will be there with my Skechers!

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