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A triathlon team launches Crowfunding to finance itself

The club wants to participate in the European Championship in Ibiza and the Multisport in 2019 and needs funds for the registration and rental of the pool to train. 

According to Efe sports, the women's triathlon team Club Tri-4.400 of Lleida has launched a crowfunding campaign to fulfill his dream and participate in the 2018 European Triathlon that will take place in Ibiza and the 2019 Multisport Championship.

"Fellowship, cooperation, respect, trust, dedication and improvement are some of the values ​​that the girls of the Tri-4.400 Club of Lleida feel, every day, to be able to fulfill their dream: to participate in the 2018 European Triathlon Championship and the 2019 Championship Multisport", The team reported in a statement. 


Therefore, they have started a crowfunding campaign, through the social platform GoFundMe for raise 5.000€ With this help, they can fund European and world registrationIn addition Pool rental during 5 months.

They need 5.000 €, in concept of:

  • European inscriptions: 10 x 160 € ........................ .1.600 €
  • Worldwide registrations: 7 x 160 € ............................ 1.120 €
  • Training: pool rental (5 months) ... ..2.280 €

The triathlon team wants to educate the boys and girls of Lleida in sports values, so that they are recognized in all areas. In addition, that with their effort and the collaboration of the # EllasSonDeAquí campaign they show the example of many girls who want to see their dreams come true.

"It is not easy at all to get where we have arrived and nothing can stop our enthusiasm for taking women's sport to the highest level," said one of the teammates.

Thanks to the solidarity of Internet users, they have already managed to raise €445 on the GoFundMe social platform, which can be followed through the following link: https://www.gofundme.com/vibramos-con-el-triatlon 

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