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Spain manages to get three men into the Olympic triathlon.

Alberto González, 11th, and Anna Godoy, 17th, the best of the Triarmada in Cagliari

The Triathlon World Series in Cagliari has put the final point in the qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and Spain once again demonstrates its quality by managing to place three men on the Olympic starting line.

The triarmada arrived in Italy with the ambitious objective of securing third place for men, a privilege reserved for countries that manage to have three athletes among the top 30 in the ranking.

Alberto González 11th in the test

With maximum pressure, Alberto González, Sergio Baxter y David Castro They faced fierce competition, disputing every point with world-class athletes.

Alberto González stood out from the beginning, maintaining the leading positions in swimming and cycling, and finishing off with a final sprint against the Belgian Van Rail to secure 11th place.

This result was crucial to guarantee Spain's Olympic qualification.

For its part, Antonio Serrat y Roberto Sánchez They were part of a second group during the cycling segment, while David Castro He suffered discomfort that prevented him from performing at 100%.

Despite what happened, the Spanish team, under the direction of Iñaki Arenal, managed to add the necessary points when Antonio and Sergio overtook the Hungarian Devay, thus confirming third place for Spain.

The winner of the men's event was the British Alex Yeefollowed by New Zealander Hayden Wilde and the Hungarian Csongor Lehmann.

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Anna Godoy, again the best of ours

In the women's competition, held previously at 11:00 in the morning, Anna Godoy She stood out as the best Spanish, finishing in 17th place.

The Catalan triathlete showed her great form from the start, leading in the swim and remaining in the leading group throughout the race.

Miriam Casillas He finished in 28th place, coming back from the chasing group.

The Madrilenian Cecilia Santamaría and the debutant in this year's world series, Marta Pintanel, completed the Spanish participation by finishing in 34th and 38th positions respectively, followed by Noelia Juan in 44th place

For the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Spain has managed to qualify two women in triathlon.

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