Spain tenth in the Tokyo 2020 Mixed Relay Triathlon

This morning the mixed relay Triathlon test for the first time in history, where the British team has won the Gold medal.

In a thrilling finale, the young Alex Yee has achieved victory for UK in the test followed by United States y France.

You can check the following link career chronicle

Our Triarmada composed of Anna GodoyFernando AlarzaMiriam Casillas y Mario Mola has finished in the final tenth position.

These have been his partials

Athletes Total Time Swim T1 bike T2 Run
Anna Godoy Contreras 0:22:08 0:03:46 0:00:40 0:10:38 0:00:31 0:06:33
Fernando Alarza 0:20:33 0:04:05 0:00:39 0:09:51 0:00:26 0:05:32
Miriam Casillas García 0:23:22 0:04:33 0:00:38 0:10:50 0:00:31 0:06:50
Mario Mola 0:20:28 0:04:05 0:00:36 0:09:51 0:00:27 0:05:29

Regarding the laps, Anna Godoy was 12th, Fernando Alarza was 10th, Miriam Casillas was 14th and Mario Mola was 6th, giving Spain tenth place in this test.


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