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Spain dominates the European Multisport Triathlon Championships

The national team is now back in Spain after the success achieved in the European Multisport Championships in Coimbra, with a ttotal of 11 medals y presence on all the podiums of each of the disciplines: Duathlon, Cros Triathlon, Cros Duathlon, Aquathlon and Middle Distance Triathlon.

Spain has dominated the medal table from start to finish, commanding the classification from the duathlon dispute until the last competition with the gold of Antonio Benito and the silver and the bronze of Marta Sanchez y Laura Gomez in Middle Distance Triathlon.

Success of the Triarmada in Portuguese lands

A fantastic week was experienced by the Spanish multisport team in Coimbra (Portugal), achieving a total of 11 elite medals among all the triathlon disciplines that have competed, and placing the Spanish team at the top of the medal table after the conclusion of the competitions.

In Coimbra the path marked in Bilbao two seasons ago was continued, achieving an even greater number of medals and historic results for Spanish triathlon.

Duathlon: Silver and Bronze for Javi Martín and María Varo

The first medals won were those of the duathlon, an event that always has an important team of medal contenders.

In the women's competition, the Toledo María Varo She got her first international medal being 3rd in the finish line, opening the season for Spain in these European Multisport Championships.

Just an hour later, Javier Martín The second medal was won for the Spanish Triathlon Federation. In a test in which the Belgian team tried to break the race by toughening the cycling segment, Martín He entered the finish line as second place after a tight sprint with the favorite Benjamin Choquert.

Cros Duathlon: Gold for Nacho Gálvez and Silver for Marta Cabello

The second event of the week, the cros duathlon, featured an MTB segment with cobblestone sections and ramps.

The Madrilenian nacho galvez won the men's event and was proclaimed sub23 champion, while Marta Cabello She won the silver medal against the dominance of the Swiss Zehnder.

Cros Triathlon: Golden Double for Marina Muñoz and Kevin Tarek Viñuela

In the Cros Triathlon, Spain dominated thanks to the swimming skills of Kevin Tarek Viñuela y Marina Muñoz, who maintained their leadership until the end. Rubén Ruzafa He came in 4th, highlighting his dual role as an athlete and coach.

Aquathlon: Second Gold for Kevin Tarek Viñuela and Bronze for Andrés Cendán

In the aquathlon test, Kevin Tarek Viñuela He won his second European championship in 24 hours, dominating swimming and running. Andrés Cendán He won bronze, completing a podium with a Spanish presence.

Middle Distance Triathlon: Gold for Antonio Benito and Silver and Bronze for Marta Sánchez and Laura Gómez

The medium distance triathlon closed the European Multisport Championships in Coimbra. Antonio Benito won the gold after a final sprint, while Marta Sanchez y Laura Gomez They completed the women's podium with silver and bronze respectively.

Age Groups and Paratriathlon

In addition to the elite events, Age Group and paratriathlon events were held in Coimbra, with high Spanish participation and numerous medals. The tribute to Javier López as a Multisport Legend for completing the 5 events of the event.

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