Spain eighth in the mixed relay event in Abu Dhabi

The victory has been for Australia, getting its second victory in this modality

After the elite test yesterday, where they got the victory Mario MolaKatie Zaferes , it was the turn today of the spectacular relay test, modality that will be included for the first time in the Olympic games Tokyo 2020. For this test Spain participated with a team formed by Anna Godoy, Antonio Serrat , Sara Perez y Vicente Hernández.

The test that has been disputed about a super sprint format Spain has achieved a great eighth place. The victory has been for the team Australian with a time of 1: 24: 16 followed by the team American (1: 24: 31) and for New Zealand (1: 24: 31) in third position.

Our relief was formed by Anna Godoy that came seventh in the swim and gave the shutter to Antonio Serrat in the 12º position at a time of 29 seconds of race head.

The Galician, kept the square, delivering the relay to 29 seconds from the head to Sara Perez, which climbed a position in the water, although finally finished in 10th place at 1:41 from the head. At this moment I give the witness to Vicente Hernández last Spanish participant, where he was able to overcome in a good carrear on foot to the 8º position finishing 1: 11 of the winners of the Australia test.

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