• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Spain fifth in the mixed relay of the European Games

In the framework of European Games 2023, la Spanish triarmada He has shown a good level in the demanding mixed relay event.

With an outstanding performance, the triathletes David cantero, Sara Guerrero, Alberto González y Ceci Santamaria They managed to place Spain in fifth final position.

The Spanish team, made up of two men and two women, faced a test of 300 meters of swimming, 5 kilometers of cycling and 1,5 kilometers of running.

Cantero and González were in charge of the first and third relays, while Guerrero and Santamaría carried out the second relay and the goal entry.

Norway takes the win

Meanwhile the norwegian team composed Solveigh Lovseth, Vetle Bergsvik Thorn, Lotte miller y Casper Stornes, took gold in the competition.

With a total time of 1:27:29, Norway demonstrated its dominance in all the triathlon events at the European Games.

The team British and Hungarian they rounded out the podium, coming in just 4 and 11 seconds respectively behind Norway.

Top 10 Myths Relay

Job title Country Time
1 NOR 01:07:29
2 GBR 01:07:33
3 HUN 01:07:40
4 SUI 01:07:47
5 ESP 01:07:54
6 ITA 01:08:01
7 THE 01:08:34
8 FRA 01:08:47
9 TUE 01:09:18
10 SVK 01:09:19

Complete results

The competition took place in the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland.

Known for its rich history and impressive architecture, Krakow is a popular tourist destination that offers a variety of attractions.

From the historic Wawel Castle and impressive Market Square to the moving Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, visitors can immerse themselves in the culture and history of this fascinating city.

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