Spain goes for a run, the photos of the return

today from 0.00 hours the new de-escalation measures have come into force

Today, May 2, has been the date chosen for the return to the practice of individual sport in Spain after the state of alamar was decreed on March 13.

But today from 0.00 hours the new de-escalation measures of the Ministry of Health that affect walks and individual sports practice

Departures by time sections

You can train from 06:00 to 10:00 and from 20:00 to 23:00

Individual distance will have to be maintained

The government recommends that it be maintained at least 2 meters of security between one athlete and another, but various studies recommend that in the case of running they be at least 6 meters and the bicycle 20.

You can practice any sport

The regulations allow the practice of any individual sport that can be practiced by the municipality as long as the local authorities allow it.

The day has dawned with the "photo" of people running, walking or cycling.

Where there have been more concentrations of people has been in large cities such as Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona, ​​where it is more difficult to respect the required safety distances.

In the rest of the town it is easier to comply with the measures and they are being respected

These are some photos that we have collected on social networks

It should be noted that the photos where the most influx of public has been seen have been chosen, but this does not mean that the rules are not being met by most of the people







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