Spain sixth in mixed Hamburg relay triathlon

The victory has been for the French team and Spain has achieved its best result to date.

After the individual test held yesterday in Hamburg, where they achieved victory Non Standford y Jacob Birthwisle today it was the turn of the mixed relay triathlon where many triathletes who competed yesterday have repeated and participated in this spectacular event.

The Spanish team consisted of Anna Godoy, Antonio Serrat, Miriam Casillas y Roberto Sánchez Mantecón.

Each component of the mixed relay team must completer 300 swimming meters, 7 kilometers of cycling y 1,7 kilometers of running.

Although at first they were going to participate in the test Mario Mola y Fernando AlarzaFinally, due to fatigue and yesterday's falls, they have not. Although in a good strategy the selection has chosen triathletes who did not participate yesterday in the WTS having a team capable of performing at a great performance.

The first round he made Anna Godoy It was the second to come out of the water with the whole group coming out together. In the cyclist segment the group remained united in the race to reach second place.

In the second relay, with Antonio Serrat the group was unified arriving to the race on foot all together. In the foot race Leo Bergere, Van Riel and Tayler Reed went slightly ahead to reach the third relay with Belgium, France and New Zealand in the first positions, Spain was seventh at 11 seconds.

The turn was for Miriam Casillas in the third relay where she was seventh. With France in the lead with 12 seconds ahead of New Zealand. On the bike the group was unified again with 7 teams, reaching T2 all together. The United States, which had a 1-minute deficit with Katie Zaferes, cut it to 30 seconds by reaching T2.

Finally the French Beaugrand went ahead to give the relief to his teammate in first position with 5 seconds ahead of New Zealand and Belgium. Spain was sixth to 10 seconds.

Roberto Sánchez Mantecón He was in charge of the fourth relay, on the weekend of his debut in the WTS.

The first out of the water was France followed by Germany at 2 and Canada at 5 seconds. Roberto started in seventh position at 17 seconds.

Ahead Vicent Luis and Justus Nieschlag began to roll very hard to try to get the maximum advantage over the persecuting group.

Finally France and Germany came together to the last sector of the race with 20 seconds ahead on the selections of Holland, Spain, New Zealand, Belgium, Australia and Canada.

Vicent LuisAs he demonstrated yesterday, he is at a high level and little by little he distanced himself from the German to achieve victory for the French team. The second was Justus Nieschlag giving silver to German and the third place has been Jacob Birtwhisle for Australia.  Roberto Sanchez finally it was sixth giving the best position achieved by Spain to date.

Spain had a penalty of 10 seconds, for lowering a component after the dismantling line, which Roberto had to do before reaching the finish line, which has taken the fifth place from Spain.

There are no previous results.

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