The spectator who caused the massive fall of the Tour, sentenced to pay € 1.200

On July 26 in the dispute of the first stage of the Tour de France there was a mass fall caused by a spectator.

This 31-year-old hobbyist He carried a banner with the text “Allez opi-omi” which was addressed to his grandparents but with the desire to make it appear on television caused the fall of several cyclists and the withdrawal of Cyril Lemoine, Jasha Sütterlin, Ignatas Konovalovas or Marc Soler who suffered fractures in both arms.

Now the court of Brest (France) has sentenced to pay a fine of € 1.200 by "endanger the safety of others” and also for a crime of “involuntary injuries“, but finally the court that has judged her has handed down a lesser sentence, although the prosecution also requested 4 months of conditional prison.

In addition you will have to pay a symbolic euro to the association of professional cyclists

After causing the fall, the fan was on the run for several days until she was arrested on June 30. Shortly after, he apologized for what happened.

The Association of Professional Cyclists only asked for a symbolic fine of €1 to raise awareness of the need to respect cyclists in the race. “We are sure that the spectator did not intentionally harm anyone, but with her carelessness she compromised the health and season of several cyclists.

The compensation of one euro that we have requested does not pay for the fracture of both arms of Marc Soler or the injuries suffered by Tony Martin and the rest of the cyclists who ended up on the ground, but it has a symbolic value ”commented Gianni Bugno, former president of the CPA.

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