United States Officially Calls for Postponement of Olympics

Now one of the greats, the United States, has asked the IOC to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

One of the world's great sports powers, the United States, has officially asked the IOC tol postponement of the Tokyo Olympics

The IOC, which has already admitted that is evaluating new datesAlthough he has not officially acknowledged that they will not take place in July, he is under great pressure from all international sports.

You have already officially requested it

Now, one of the greats, the United States, has asked the IOC to postpone the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

It has done so through the president of the Olympic and Paralympic committees, Sussane Lyon

In addition, Canada has already stated that it will not send its athletes to the 2020 games, and suggested that the ideal would be to postpone them to 2021.

“It is clearer than ever that the path to postponement is the most promising”

"We encourage the IOC to take all the necessary measures to guarantee that the Games can be carried out in safe and fair conditions for all competitors," the statement released on Monday said.

Our most important conclusion from this broad response from athletes is that even if current health concerns could be resolved by the summer.

The enormous interruptions to the development of training, doping controls and classification processes could not be resolved in the appropriate way ”they commented in the letter

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