Estefanía Gómez and Hektor Llanos Brillan at the TriGrandPrix de Ciboure

Like the sun, the triathletes Estefania Gomez (saltoki lagunak) and Hektor llanos (svc-seguridad) shone on the French Basque coast of Ciboure.

The day began with a spectacular sprint distance triathlon where the best distance triathletes in the area gathered. The test ran on the same roads that the star test of the day would roll 2h30m later.

At 13:00 p.m. the last test of the 2011 TriGrandPrix circuit began with the assistance of both women and boys of triathletes of the highest international level.

After doing two laps of 750m, including the Australian start to give the aquatic segment more spectacle and beauty, a small group led by Hektor Llanos and Ignacio Muller came out ahead, closely followed by the English triathlete Natalie Barnard who marked a swimming segment with the best men.

Raul Amatriain, leader of the 2011 circuit, came out with a minute lost in the water with the head of the test and would attempt the comeback although his performance was unknown after playing the duathlon world championship the previous weekend.

For her part, Estefanía gomez lost 1 min and 30 sec in the water compared to the English triathlete.

In the cycling sector, the big differences were made, since the leading group composed of Hektor Llanos, Xabi Boneta and Ouilleres Gwenael was opening a gap with respect to their pursuers, achieving in T2 an income of 3m compared to Raul Amatriain and Ignacio Muller.

In the women's event, Estefanía Gomez turned the classification around, hunting down the English triathlete Natalie Barnard in the 12 km of cycling and getting off in T2 with a 5-minute income over the English.

In the final segment, Hektor Llanos set a pace that none of his escape companions could continue to proclaim themselves the winner of the last TriGrandPrix experience. 3 followed by Ouilleres Gwenael and Xabi Boneta. Raul Amatriain cut a lot of difference in this last segment but it was not enough to get on the podium for the day.

Estefanía Gomez would make good her income and won the Ciboure triathlon entering after her Natalie Barnad and Kiefer Stephanie.

There are no previous results.

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