Esther Leal and José Almagro win in the first TriStar111 Madrid

Esther Leal and José Almagro were the winners of the inaugural TriStar111 Madrid, held at the Casa de Campo.

“It was a fantastic triathlon. At last I have achieved my first victory in a triathlon, and above all at home, ”said the Madrid triathlete. "I have been alone the whole race, the bike was tough, but I really enjoyed it," said Esther Leal.

    Madrid's José Almagro and Esther Leal fulfilled the predictions and won the first TriStar111 Madrid, which took place on a hot and very fun day at Casa de Campo. Almagro has achieved a disputed and suffered victory in a triathlon that consisted of 1 km of swimming in the lake, 100 km of cycling with allowed drafting (going in peloton) and 10 km of running on foot to the spectacular finish line also located in the House of Field.

    After swimming, where the young Canarian Cristian Moya was the first to get out of the water, a large group of triathletes led by Jaime Menéndez de Luarca and Almagro himself (who left the first segment far behind) formed a platoon after the first two laps cyclist who imposed a fairly strong pace to try to select the leaders.

    After climbing Cerro Garabitas 6 out of 10 times, Almagro and Jaime Menéndez de Luarca remained strong at the head of the race. Finally Almagro attacked on the seventh lap and took the lead with great power, entering the last transition completely alone, with more than a minute over the chasing group. From there to the finish he continued alone, endorsing his spectacular season with a final time of 3:52:34.

    The combative Menéndez de Luarca entered three minutes and Álvaro Velázquez, who reappeared after a hip operation, managed to be third with a time of 3:56:17.


    “It was a much tougher race than it seemed. I had to make a lot of effort to catch the leading peloton during the cycling segment. With four laps to go, I decided to attack to avoid the pressure in the foot race and it worked out well. I really enjoyed it. It was a fantastic triathlon. At last I have achieved my first victory in a triathlon, and above all at home, "said José Almagro after crossing the finish line.

    In the women's category there was also a very exciting day with a hard-fought victory suffered alone by Esther Leal. The Madrilenian gained an advantage from swimming and led the test to the finish line without opposition. "The race has been tough," said the Madrilenian. It has been impossible to make a group. The running was also very good for me. Very happy with the competition format and with the organization ”. Leal, Spain's long-distance runner-up, set a final time of 4:50:35, beating Fátima Blázquez, twice Olympian by 5 minutes. Third was the Dutch triathlete Marlies Galesloot (5:08:26).

    In the relay category, the team led by former professional athlete Luis Miguel Martín Berlanas, impressively accompanied by Iñaki Arenal and Javier García, achieved victory with a final time of 3:50:46.

    TriStar Madrid has supported the Spanish Association Against Cancer, together with the LIVESTRONG FoundationTM, which is raising funds throughout the weekend to use to help Balearic children with cancer and their families.

    Source: Stars Events

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