Lionel Sanders' strategy to perform throughout the season

In the professional world of long distance triathlon, where the world championship is what all triathletes aspire to, patience plays as crucial a role as physical fitness.

Lionel Sanders, The high-profile Canadian triathlete has taken a measured approach to ensuring his success, aware of the multiple opportunities for overtraining, injury or exhaustion on the way to race day in Kona or Taupō.

Sanders, with a decade of experience in this sport, has shared in his most recent video on YouTube the importance of taking a break before starting the season.

This break has allowed him to start training feeling fresh and motivated, a key factor in not reaching his peak fitness too soon.

A crucial lesson Sanders has learned throughout his career is the importance of moderate the ego and focus on what truly matters: performance during real competitions.

He stresses that, while performance in practice is crucial, it does not always guarantee success on race day. Thus, recommends listening to the body and adapting training as needed, thus ensuring that the best efforts are reserved for when they count most.

Consistency in training is the core of Sanders' philosophy.

The triathlete emphasizes that the key to success in triathlon is not found in isolated training sessions, but in the accumulation of many consistent sessions over time.

This vision highlights the importance of a constant and quality preparation, avoiding the temptation of extremely hard training that can compromise recovery and, therefore, long-term performance.

In the video shared on his YouTube channel, Sanders offers a window into his preparation, highlighting the increase in swimming volume and the combination of speed and volume as key elements to improve in this aspect of the triathlon.

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