Eva Ledesma operated on the clavicle after the fall in Triathlon Zarautz

A fall in the last kilometers of the cycling phase of the Zarautz Triathlon - Saturday, June 13 - has cut off Eva Ledesma's hitherto successful season.

At that time I was in 3rd place and with 20km on foot ahead I had clear options of reaching at least 2nd place in a prestigious international competition that was reaching its 25th edition. It was on a downward curve, giving the typical somersault that causes a clavicle fracture -the left one in his case- and erosions. She was first transferred to a San Sebastian hospital, to travel the next day to Lleida once the most urgent cures were submitted.

At home, she made the decision to put herself in the hands of the prestigious sports surgeon (as well as an elite former athlete) David López Capapé, who intervened in Madrid on Thursday, June 16.

Eva has returned to Lleida this week and from there she is optimistic: “I have gone through moral ups and downs, because I was in top form and very excited after the several victories in 2011. But you have to stop complaining, look ahead and think about the best recovery. The operation is the best solution so that the shoulder, a fundamental joint in a triathlete for swimming, remains 100%.

To this day, my arm is free, without making sudden movements or bearing weight. Capapé will see me again next week and after that I hope to start with specific exercises and light training on a stationary bike to regain muscle tone. If all goes well, I don't rule out participating in the Spain Media Distance Championship, Vitoria July 24; and of course I hope to be at the top again for the European Long Distance Championship in Finland 21 August ”.

Source: Press Eva Ledesma

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