Eva Ledesma and Sylvian Sudrie win at the Half Challenge Barcelona-Maresme

That a test is conquered by a world champion is a source of pride and an injection of prestige for any sporting event. That happened yesterday in the Half Challenge Barcelona-Maresme in the figure of the French Sylvian Sudrie.

The world long distance champion in 2010 gave a recital in the Barcelona coast test and became the first triathlete to repeat his triumph in the Maresme test.

While the Spanish Ledesma In the women's category, she based her triumph on sacrifice, Sudrie brought out her tremendous class and her ability to read the races. The Frenchman marked a clear strategy from the beginning, did not depart a millimeter from it and achieved a spectacular return. He wanted to be among the top three in swimming to be the first to ride the bike. The first lap (45 kilometers) was an exhibition of the Frenchman, who was emptied to achieve a difference that allowed him to dose in the second lap and start in the foot race sector with a full tank and a comfortable difference.

The final half marathon, therefore, became a show of might and restraint. Sudrie set a linear pace with no ups and downs as her pursuers struggled to do their best after a grueling section of cycling. Sudrie no longer forced any more, he kept at a stable rhythm to maintain the differences and neither Faure nor Jensen who saw how the world champion established the diesel law with authority, that is, to go at a constant pace, without wearing out too much and controlling the rent. Faure pushed hard and managed to subtract two minutes but it was a futile exercise given Sudrie's superiority. “I have planned the race to start in the top four of the water and pull hard in the first cycling lap (45 km). Things have turned out the way I wanted and I was able to allow myself to control the difference with my rivals in the half marathon. I am proud to win this race for the second year in a row ”, said Sudrie at the finish line.

Among the Spaniards, the first was Clemente Alonso, who was in sixth position. The best of us did not have a good feeling and suffered more than usual since he has not yet acquired the competition rhythm he wants. For Clemente it was a first contact with a demanding competition and he could not express his full potential. “I have not been well in cycling, I still lack rhythm as it is my first race of the year and I hope to get a little better every day. Those in front have thrown a lot and today I was not at that level. I am not at 100% and if you add to this the very high level that the race had, it is normal that I could only have finished in 6th place, which has been little for me. I hope to find myself better in Zarautz, which will be my next race ”, he assured.

Peru Alfaro, second of the Spanish at the finish line, did not find himself with good feelings either. “I have not found anything good on the bike and I have suffered more than normal. These have continued in the race on foot and it has been impossible for me to enter the fight for the podium. Sudrie has given a great display in the first round of cycling and has practically sentenced the test, "said an exhausted Alfaro at the finish line.

In summary, the III edition of the Barcelona-Maresme Half Challenge once again fulfilled what is expected of an international benchmark in the world of triathlon. The organization was very high and the competitive level was spectacular in a day marked by good weather and high, a powerful participation in a city that is committed to sport, and specifically to triathlon. The Catalan test improves year after year and almost all the small failures that occurred in previous editions have been filed and that under the baton of their race director Agustí Pérez they have striven to solve with more volunteers, more safety in the race , better services and high expectations for the long distance Challenge on October 2.

Source: Press Challenge Barcelona Maresme


Male Elite

1 Sylvain Sudrie FRA 3: 47: 39

2 Herve Faure FRA a1: 4

3 Martin Jensen DEN to 2: 13

4 Stephen Bayliss GBR to 3: 17

5 Stephane Poulat FRA to 4: 18

6 Clemente Alonso ESP to 4: 56

7 Peru Alfaro ESP to 5: 22

There are no previous results.

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