Success in the first edition of the Korona Triathlon MD Aranjuez

It was the fourth round of the Korona Madrid circuit, which will end in the month of June with the Ecotrimad dispute.

This past weekend the first edition of the Triathlon of Aranjuez where they took the victory Rocío Escudero e Ignacio Cabrera.

The city of Aranjuez hosted the fourth round of the Korona circuit Madrid, which will end in the month of June with the dispute of Ecotrimad.

To know firsthand how it was, we talked to Ramiro Lahera, Organizer of the test, to give us their impressions about the competition.

Our goals at 95% fulfilled

We have achieved the 95% of the objectives, a success, since it was not an easy test, both because of the limitations I had at the level of permits, as for all the needs of commitment as well as the new location that we did not know

The competition went quite well, the day was very good with 275 participants, where only nineteen athletes were missed at the start, something that surprised us, since after having advanced the schedule due to permission issues, some last minute casualties, but it was not.

The race is tough, but it's part of his personality

The swimming sector was very nice, with the exit when it was dawning. The water was a bit cold but people liked it. On the previous day, work was done to remove the algae, although the truth is that there were still a few, but it is something that is planned to be solved in the next editions.

The bicycle sector liked a lot but it was hard, the triathletes told us this fact, but I think it is part of the personality of the test.

The race on foot also liked. Although the triathletes started to run on the 12 and it was a little hot, being the whole segment through the shaded gardens did not affect so much and could enjoy it.

The boxes near the finish line, a point for the public

The fact that everything was very close, the finish line, the pits and the arrival of the bike, made the spectators were very happy in the sense that they could see the participants and follow them at all times.

This It has been our test test, it has been good for us not to reach the maximum number of registrants, as this allows the organizer and the federation to see improvement points face next year.

The town hall and the 28300 and fundamental Canoeing clubs

Thank the involvement of the town hall and especially to 28300 triathlon club from Aranjuez who have helped us a lot in the design of routes and especially in the coordination of the bike and the running race.

Without a doubt, we must also thank his work at canoeing club of Aranjuez, who were responsible for removing the algae the previous week and for the entire swimming sector.

The test in two three years will be a reference at national level

We are very happy and we believe that next year is this test is going to grow and in two-three years it will become a benchmark test at the national level.

Also seen the seen, we are totally convinced that this test is going to limit 500 people no more.

It is a test with personality and with different aspects. Apart from the routes and the proximity to Madrid, one of the characteristics that differentiate it is its privileged environment.

The fact that he is in full center of Aranjuez, run through the gardens, With the palaces, with the sources, etc. it is impressive for both athletes and spectators.

The goal is for people to enjoy a medium distance triathlon in Madrid

The main objective was not to make a big test with many people, but to take it forward, needed one more MD event in Madrid.

We know that the Triathlon of Aranjuez is going to be a limited and well-maintained test, we will try to make people enjoy a medium distance triathlon In Madrid, something that is not easy, as we all know, due to the limitations we have of water, roads, etc.

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