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Remarkable success in Castellón 2019 Triathlon.

More than 1000 participants have participated in the Castellón Triathlon 2019

More than 1000 participants debuted in Castellón 2019 Triathlon with its many novelties in modalities which highlights the participation in male, female and mixed.

The Javier Marquina Soccer Field, with the second consecutive year, has hosted the first venue of the Mediterranean Triathlon circuit. Castellón Triathlon It is a multi-test triathlon where we find Olympic distance, sprint and supersprint; with the possibility of participating in both mixed and same-sex couples in the sprint and supersprint distances, as a novelty this year.

On Saturday 6 in July, it was the turn of the youngest. More than 200 school children met in the town of Castellón de la Plana to play a scoring aquathlon for the Vialterra Sports Games of the Valencian Community. In addition throughout the weekend has been able to enjoy the area of ​​Minitriatlón, promoted by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, an area with activities related to triathlon where the little ones have been able to learn more about the sport.

In the afternoon the triathletes began to approach the football field to collect the numbers of the tests on Sunday, where they have also been able to enjoy the display area, which was also on Sunday.

Castellón Triathlon gave its starting signal to the 8 in the morning with the Olympic distance, the longest distance of the whole circuit. The participants had to complete 1500m of swimming, 40km of cycling finishing with 10km of running race. Men began first, followed by women with a difference of about 15 minutes.

In the Olympic distance finished in the first position Pepe Segarra finished Carlos and in the females Salut Borràs Guitart. In second position Francisco Rodríguez Sabater and Selene Cuenca Peris. In third position Javier Andres de la Esperanza and Tania Martinez Gual

At the 9: 45h, it was the turn of the sprint where more than 380 participants made 750m of swimming, 20km of cycling and 5km of running, which had 4 exits and an 5 exit reserved for the couples who made all the segments together.

In the sprint distance finished in first position in females Sandra Grans Segrera and Adrián Ivars Ivars in men. In second position Belén Baidez Cuenca and Esteban Ortuño Meseguer and in third position Elena Escolar Saval and Carlos Cabrera López

The last distance to participate was the supersprint, short but intense distance, with 350m of swimming, 10km of cycling and 2,5km of running. At 10: 25 the first triathletes entered the water. Where we could also enjoy the modality in pairs with all its variants where many participants debuted in the world of triathlon.

Finally, after an arduous and exciting competition, Elena Antón Liñán and David Ferrer Folgado finished first. In the second place of the podium Patricia Martínez Mulas and Jorge Navarro Casañ and finally in third position Carmen Montes Campos and Antoni Guardiola Perez.

In the website Mediterranean Triathlon You can see all the results according to categories and distances.

At 12 at noon, prizes were awarded for each category and distance.

This year we were able to enjoy the whole competition via streaming through the YouTube and Facebook pages of Mediterránea Triathlon so that everyone could enjoy this exciting competition.

Mediterranean 2019 Triathlon does not end here, the 13,15 and 16 of September will be the turn of Valencia Triathlon; and the 28 and 29 of September will be the last stop of this circuit in the provinces of the Valencian Community. It will be in Alicante 2019 Triathlon where will be the delivery of a special prize for all the participants in the challenge 3x3x3, participants in the three venues of Mediterranean Triathlon.

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