Total success in the 3 TriGrandPrix Navarra 2011 Stage

Total success in Stage 3 TriGrandPrix Navarra 2011, Aritzaleku Triathlon 2011.

The third stage of the TriGrandPrix began on Friday with a wine tasting and dinner. On Saturday, 450 triathletes completed the Sprint, Super Sprint and Children's triathlon with a great atmosphere, food, pasta party and "Mariachis" at night.

On Sunday at 8:00 it was the turn of the middle distance, where Estefanía Gómez was the first to leave the water with a time of 28:43, followed by Lucy Gossage with 29:29 and Ana Monreal with 29:42.

Lucy Gossage led, she took the lead in the cycling sector and did not leave until the end with a time of 4:36:54 followed by Ana Casares who was proclaimed Navarre Champion with 4:55:50 and Estefanía Gomez in third place with 4 : 59: 39.

In the men's competition, Miquel Blanchart took the initiative from the start to the finish line. Blanchart swam 1,9 K in 24:04, it took him 02:20 by bike and in the race sector he spent a time of 1:16:19 finishing with a time of 4:01:18 at the finish line.

Raúl Amatriain, TriGrandPrix leader, came out 5 º from the water with 26:59 and kept the distance in the cycling circuit, obtaining the best time in the 2nd km. I finished second in the test with a time of 4:04:28. Third, Unai Yus with a final time of 4:17:41.

Top 5 Men:

Miquel Blanchart 4: 01: 18

Raul Amatriain 4: 04: 28

Unai Yus 4: 17: 41

Xavi Boneta 4: 23: 50

Iker Rozas 4: 24: 24

Top 5 Femenino:

Lucy Gossage 4: 36: 54

Ana Casares 4: 55: 50

Estefania Gomez 4: 59: 39

Saioa Olite 5: 15: 00

Ana Monreal 5: 20: 59

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