ELA's Michael Krüger passes away with 56 years and 17 appearances in the IRONMAN of Hawaii

In September 2016 he was diagnosed

As reported by the German magazine tri-mag, the german triathlete Michael Kruger has passed away at 56 years of age from ALS

La Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (or ALS) is a disease of the central nervous system, characterized by a progressive degeneration of motor neurons in the cerebral cortex (upper motor neurons), brainstem, and spinal cord (lower motor neurons).

The patient needs more and more help to carry out activities of daily living, becoming more dependent.

He was a professional soldier and triathlete

Michael was a retired professional soldier In its more than 30 years of service in the Bundeswehr logistics force, with more than ten missions abroad in Croatia, BOsnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo or in Afghanistan,

17 times in Kona, 50 IRONMAN behind him, 3 wins and 8:52 as the best mark

Michael competed in Europe for the first time in Roth in 1994 and got the Slot for Hawaii, which ended in 10:22 hours.

De 1994 a 2012, "Micha" was almost every issue at the Kona outlet as a member of the "Army Team Ironman Triathlon" he finished 17 times.

Also, it ended more than 50 IRONMAN races worldwide. 3 times he was Top5 in his age group   As well won the IRONMAN Florida on three occasions.

He achieved his personal best in 8:52 hours as the age group winner of the Ironman Klagenfurt.

In September 2016 he was diagnosed

In September 2016, the doctors diagnosed the incurable and fatal disease ALS.

From the moment he was diagnosed, Michael Krüger's life changed suddenly. In just one year, Michael could no longer walk, could no longer eat on his own, and had relied on outside help ever since.

In November 2017, the disease was so advanced that he could no longer breathe on his own and doctors had to make an incision in his windpipe. Michael had to be treated by a 24-hour intensive care service.

The family rebuilt their home so that Michael could have his children and family close by and be cared for with care.

After a four-year ordeal, Michael Krüger crossed the finish line for the last time on August 6, 2020.

From Triathlon News we send our deepest condolences to his family and friends

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