Favorites for the Ultraman World Championship 2019.

We analyze the main favorites in a world championship that this year has three Spaniards.

Our collaborator, Marcos Bonilla, experienced Ultraman makes us an analysis of the favorites for the Ultraman World Championship which will be played starting tomorrow in Hawaii.

In the test we have Spanish 3, Marc Puig, Josef Ajram y Juan Luis Quero Guerrero,


Ultraman lovers are looking forward to living another Ultraman from Hawaii from a distance, and knowing who is the next world champion.

Of course, to me particularly, envy corrodes me and I get long teeth just for remembering what it is like to be there with the best in such an important championship. Inevitably remember what I lived there and that I get goosebumps when these dates arrive.

However friends, that healthy envy will channel her encouraging our people and living their ultraman as if it were mine, while encouraging all fans of the triathlon to follow.

The test will be held between the November 29 and the December 1

Between the November 29 and the December 1, the 2019 Ultraman World Championship will be held in Hawaii, in which this year the 35º anniversary will be celebrated, which is why we hope to see a special edition full of emotion.

It is true that the organization has wanted, because it was a special year, there was more participation than normal (which is usually 45-50) and has come to make invitations to former and mythical participants who have not finally been able to go.

^ Paradoxically it will turn out to be one of the editions with fewer participants, Since this year it has closed only with 28, which, seeing the positive side, can be a good opportunity for Spaniards to get their heads in good positions by being an ultraman with few participants.

"The List of the Chosen"

As always, we will start analyzing the competition with the favorites to win, what I call: “The list of the elect”, That list of candidates to occupy the first 3 positions, which this year form few, since we find major absences of the important... starting with the current World Champion: Richard Thompson, That this year will not compete. A shame, since it is always nice to see how the champion defends the title.

Of course, we do not lack the great Rob Gray, who was already world champion in the 2017, and who was the only one who could fight something to Thompson, being finally in second place. It takes 3 consecutive years to be among the first two and it is hard to believe that this year it will not be in those first two places again.

We will not be able to enjoy either the 2019 winners of the Florida Ultraman and the Australian Ultraman, who usually occupy the top positions.

But the Canadian Ultraman champion 2019 will compete; Jordan Bryden, that despite having won an ultraman in which he had little competition, we hope to see him fight for the first places as he would for his status as ultraman champion.

Photos provided by Marcos Bonilla

We close the list with my good friend Arnaud Selukov, who this year was going to help in the UltraTri Spain of Motril, being part of his assistance team, and unfortunately could not compete because a week before he had an accident in which a finger was amputated.

Without a doubt, I was very sad not to be able to help him in my house, in Spain ... after having competed with him in Australia and in Hawaii. Of course, he has promised to come to Motril and here we will wait for him with open arms.

We do not know how that injury will affect your hand when swimming, but what is certain is that it will give a great show on the bike.

In fact, I dare to say that the only one who can face him will be Rob Gray. Undoubtedly, I bet Arnaud will be among the top three in the general, in fact, his resume supports him; 1º in Australia2016, 3º in Hawaii2017, 2º in Canada2018, and long distance triathlon world champion in his GGEE… I think I have arguments to think about it ?!

Among these candidates are surely the best times of the three sectors, which last year left Rob Gray with 2 hours 44 minutes in the 10 kilometers of swimming, Richard Thompson in the bike sector with 4 hours 5 minutes in the first stage, and 8 20 hours minutes in the second stage. And the mythical Miro Kregar (which has won many years the stage of the double marathon in the 11 editions in which he has competed), with 6 hours 51 minutes in the 84,4 kilometers running.

3 Spaniards in the World Cup

In a second line I put two of the three Spaniards who appear this year in Hawaii, making a special mention, how could it be otherwise, to Josef Ajram ...

Personally I think that the Spanish ultraman triathletes owe him a lot, since I consider him the person who opened the way, the first who dared to do an Ultraman (with the ignorance that this discipline entailed at that time), and also the first Spanish in go to the World Championship in Hawaii, in a nutshell; He has been a Spanish pioneer in this discipline and I think that he deserves due recognition.

In the 2017 he was registered, but a few weeks from the beginning he communicated that he could not attend for work reasons, and I was left with the desire to meet him in person the only year I have competed in Hawaii, today I am very glad to see you in the list of participants and I am sure it will improve your previous two participations in Hawaii.

Another Spanish who participates, with whom I had the honor of sharing debut in Hawaii is Marc Puig, he had a very good participation in 2017, going back a lot in the race, the sector that best suits him, and although part of this year's tour is different from the 2017 I am sure that the experience of that year will also help him to play a Great paper

Although Hawaii is always difficult, this year a participation of 28 athletes means less competition and a good opportunity for Josef and Marc to get into the first 5 and be able to have Spanish 2 for the first time in the top five for the first time. I at least; I bet on it.

Close the list of Spanish athletes Juan Luis Quero Guerrero that last year he could not finish the second stage, and that we are sure that this year he will take off that thorn and will be able to be finisher of the Hawaii Ultraman with all the merit that entails.

Tara Norton, the main favorite in females

As for the female participation, it is striking that the participation passed from 9 women last year to only 4 this year, although taking into account that in the last edition only 3 girls could finish, this data is better understood.

In females we have the current world champion as a favorite; the canadian Tara Norton, of 48 years, that will defend title before the other three triathletes; Daynna Lathan, Shannon Callies y Conny Dauben

Gary Wang, 17 participations in Ultraman

Regarding the other participations we highlight the mythical assistance of the Argentine Juan Craveri, which although last year could not finish, this year will complete its 8º Hawaii and 15º ultraman, and the great Gary Wang, that with 52 years is the triathlete who has participated more times in the world championship throughout history; 18, if you complete it this year.

We are sure that the whole Spanish team will complete a great role in Hawaii and we wish them all the luck in the world and the best of experiences in Hawaii, sending them a lot of strength, and of course also encouraging everyone to follow them through ultramanlive. com.


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