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triXilxes celebrates its 10th edition in 2025

The triathlon triXilxes, known for its #sindrafting format, will celebrate its 10th anniversary next Sunday, May 11, 2025.

This event, one of the most anticipated in the province of Castellón, will attract numerous athletes and sports enthusiasts, consolidating itself as an essential event in the sports calendar of the national triathlete.

Event Details

The competition will maintain its traditional distances: a 1500-meter swimming lap, two 60-kilometer cycling laps without drafting, and finally, a 15-kilometer running race in two laps plus a link, culminating in the emblematic finish line by the sea. on Xilxes beach.

This unique non-drafting format ensures fair competition for all participants.

Castellón Tourism Festival

The Trilavall Club, organizer of the event, is preparing a celebration that promises to be unforgettable.

After the resounding success of the 2024 edition, where more than 2.000 people attended Xilxes, an even greater influx is expected this year.

The triXilxes not only promotes sport, but also significantly boosts tourism in the region.

Throughout the weekend, there will be activities for all ages, transforming the event into a comprehensive experience for the whole family. From children's workshops to sports exhibitions, everyone who attends will find something of interest.

A record at the height of the Great National Tests

Throughout its editions, the triXilxes has had the participation of prominent triathletes.

In the last two editions, Marta Sanchez y Guillem Montiel They emerged victorious, consolidating their dominance in this event.

Other illustrious names who have competed include Sara Perez, Anna Noguera, Gurutze Frades, Judith Corachán, Noelia Juan, Ramón Ejeda, Emilio Aguayo y Roberto Sánchez Mantecón, who will represent Spain in the Olympic Games. from Paris this summer.

Learn more https://trixilxes.com/ 

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