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The dates of the Grand Final of the Malaga World Series

It will be the second time in history that Spain hosts the 'final of the finals' in the International Triathlon.

Málaga will become the epicenter of the World Triathlon in October 2024 with the dispute of the Trialton World Series Grand Final.

For four days of sporting celebration, the capital of the Costa del Sol will host the last event of the WTCS, the most important event on the international Triathlon calendar.

Something like the final of the finals where the most relevant triathletes from around the planet will meet. Malaga will be the second Spanish city in history to host this test.

The specific dates have been revealed this morning during the celebration of the Sanxenxo Congress (Pontevedra), the World Triathlon International Congress in which 170 countries participate and which this year has traveled to Galicia precisely on the occasion of the Grand Final that is taking place from September 20 to 24 in Pontevedra, the first time it has happened in Spain.

“Andalusia and Malaga are synonymous with success”

The Malaga event will be held thanks to the joint effort of the Spanish Triathlon Federation and the Government of Andalusia, which, through its Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports, has dedicated itself to this Grand Final of the World Series and also with your Test Event.

The latter will be held on October 21 and will serve as a rehearsal for the event a year from now.

The Malaga City Council, the Malaga Provincial Council and the City Port Authority will also participate in the Grand Final, since both events will have their main activity space in the city's Pier One.

"I want to reiterate my gratitude, on behalf of the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía and all the institutions that are involved, City Council, Provincial Council and Port, to the International and Spanish Triathlon Federations, for having entrusted, a once again, in our community, in our facilities, knowing that success is guaranteed, to host the finals of the World Triathlon Series", he valued, José María Arrabal, Secretary General for Sports of the Junta de Andalucía after his intervention at the congress.

"Andalusia and Malaga are synonymous with success and from now on we just have to work to make it a reality.”, has added.

“Málaga will raise the bar even higher”

For its part, Marisol Married, who is the president of World Triathlon and member of the IOC, has also welcomed the celebration of the Grand Final of the World Series in Malaga: “It is one of the best possible settings for a World Series Grand Final, not only because of the space itself, which is incredible, but also because Malaga is a city very accustomed to this type of large events and that will boost the services and facilities for the almost 4.000 athletes who will meet".

The president of the FETRI, José Hidalgo, I affirm that "Malaga has something very important. It is a challenge compared to what we have done in recent years.

There the reunification of all Age group distances will take place in the same venue. That means a lot more athletes. We expect up to 4.000 athletes.

In addition, Malaga will also host an elective congress. There we will choose the future of FETRI”, he clarified from Sanxenxo.

"Malaga is an iconic city, we are going to show and highlight the historic center, the coast and the port. But it is also key to go with the best partner. The Junta de Andalucía is at the forefront of commitment and professionalism in the organization of this type of events.

I am very grateful that the Board has noticed my sport. With all the institutions, Board, City Council, Provincial Council and Port, demonstrating that we are in an integrative process to show the best of the city to the whole world”, he insisted.

The date of the Grand Final of the Malaga World Triathlon Series in 2024

Malaga will host the Grand Final of the World Triathlon from October 17 to 20, 2024

Sustainability and economic impact

This Sanxenxo Congress (Pontevedra), the annual decision-making body of the international organization that regulates Triathlon and all its associated multisports, was the space in charge of specifying the dates of a designation that was made public in mid-August.

The only thing left to mark in red on the calendar was the days on which Málaga will devote itself to this Grand Final, an event of important economic and prestige impact for Málaga, its surroundings and Andalusia in general.

Only the Test Event on October 21 (three tests on the same day: the FETRI ProTour, the Paratriathlon World Cup and the PHO3NIX KIDS by Javi Gómez Noya) will mobilize up to 2.000 people, including the organization, athletes and companions of their teams.

Everything, both the Test Event and the Grand Final from October 17 to 20, 2024, under an umbrella of sustainability that is a priority for both the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI) and the Junta de Andalucía.

The 2024 Grand Final will move under eight parameters of environmental respect: mobility, circular economy, local consumption, waste reduction, healthy living and reforestation to offset the carbon footprint.

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