Dates and venues confirmed for the National League of Triathlon Clubs FETRI 2024 

The national testing schedule of the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI) By 2024 it is taking shape.  

New dates and venues have been confirmed for the tests that make up the National League of Triathlon Clubs. 

new competitions 

The competition days for next year will be held on three notable weekends: 

  • Copa del Rey and the Queen's Cup of Triathlon and national relay will be held in Águilas on May 11 and 12. 
  • Spanish SuperSprint Triathlon Championships, SuperSprint for 2×2 Clubs and Couples Relay will take place on May 25 and 26 in Roquetas de Mar. 
  • Spanish Club Triathlon Championships and Mixed Relays They will take place in Pontevedra on June 22 and 23. 

Calendar Settings 

The Spanish Duathlon CRE and Relay championships will be held in Soria on April 27 and 28, adjusting dates for other needs of the FETRI international calendar. 

Pending Events 

The venue for the Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship will be announced soon, on October 6; as the headquarters and dates of the Spanish Gravel Triathlon and Swim Run championships. 

Additional Information 

The main individual events of the FETRI calendar in 2024 are confirmed in the absence of the national LD ​​Triathlon venue, which will be held on October 6. 

Calendar to date 

To date the following events have been published.

Date  Event  City  Specialty 
4 February  National Winter Triathlon  Ansó  Winter Triathlon 
11 February  Spanish Half Distance Duathlon Championship  Hijar  Middle Distance Duathlon 
24-25 February  Spanish Duathlon Championship by Clubs and Mixed Relays  Albacete  Duathlon 
9-10 March  Spanish Duathlon Championships Relay/Pairs, SuperSprint for Clubs and SuperSprint for Clubs 2×2  La Nucía  Duathlon 
23-24 March  Spanish Cadet, Youth and Junior Duathlon Championships  Alcobendas  Duathlon 
6-7 April  Elite Duathlon Spanish Championship and Age Groups  Avilés  Duathlon 
11-12 May  Copa del Rey and the Queen's Cup of Triathlon  Águilas  triathlon 
18 jersey  Spanish Triathlon and Aquabike MD Championship  Pamplona  Half Distance Triathlon 
25-26 May  Spanish SuperSprint Triathlon Championships  Roquetas de Mar  SuperSprint Triathlon 
15-16 June  Sprint Triathlon Spain Championship  A Coruña  Sprint Triathlon 
22-23 June  Spanish Club Triathlon Championships and Mixed Relays  Pontevedra  triathlon 
13-14 July  Spanish Aquathlon, Cros Duathlon and Cros Triathlon Championships  Almazán  Aquathlon, Cros Duathlon, Cros Triathlon 
7-8 September  Olympic distance triathlon Spain Championship  Banyoles  Olympic distance triathlon 
October 6  Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship (venue pending confirmation)  ??  Long Distance Triathlon 

You can consult the FETRI triathlon calendar 2024



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