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Athletes from Murcia can compete in Triathlon, Cycling and Athletics with the same license

The Murcian Triathlon, Cycling and Athletics Federations sign a collaboration agreement that benefits the athletes of each federation

The presidents of the Murcian federations of triathlon, Cycling y Athletics, Diego Calvo, Sergio Martínez and Juan Manuel Molina, respectively, have signed a Collaboration agreement so that athletes with federative license in one of the three institutionss, can participate in the tests provided in their official calendarss. In addition, training courses for these athletes will be offered from the FTRM, FCRM and FAMU.

Thanks to this agreement, the Federation organizing the sports event in whicharticipen federated athletes from any of the other two federations, will assume the cost of the one day license. To do this, the federated who wish to participate in any test that belongs to the other two federations, must make their registration indicating their license number and the federation to which they belong.

Murcia Federations Firm

According to the agreement, the organizing federation must send to the rest of the federations the list of athletes registered with a license the same day that the registration of the event is closed.

La duration of the agreement is one year since his signature that took place last January 25. The way to proceed to the inscriptions and the calendar of competitions is indicated in the following document

 Photo: Trimurcia.org / Triathlon Las Salinas de San Pedro

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