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Fernando Barroso "The most spectacular of the Triathlon Festival Ribadesella is the cycling sector with 1900 vertical meters"

Fernando Barroso became last year's Triathlon Champion of Asturias in the first edition of the Triathlon Festival Ribadesella (Asturias).

This year he will participate in the Triathlon Festival Ribadesella, and from Triathlon News we wanted to interview you to get to know you better.

When did you start in the triathlon and how?

I made my debut in triathlon in the 1996 year with 15 years, I come from the swimming world of an Asturian team called CD Manuel Llaneza, at that time Omar González (Ex-coach of Noya) was my coach and encouraged me to try, something that I liked and stayed until the year 2000 practicing, then by my own decision I stopped practicing sports focusing on studying, starting a family and consolidating a job, it was not until the year 2009 where I returned to this world and where I still live.

What are your most representative titles?

I have several regional triathlon titles in sprint distance, but perhaps today the most representative is to be the first regional middle distance champion in the history of the Asturian triathlon.

How do you combine family life, work and training?

I have a family with a son of 6 years (Teo) and the truth that the support of my wife and my parents when it comes to training and competing is something that I value a lot, I am a Master Steelworker at the Arcelor-Mittal Gijon Steelworks and I work the workouts with the work shifts of morning-night-afternoon during the 365 days of the year.

It does not matter if it is Monday, Wednesday or Sunday, I do not know what it is to work from Monday to Friday and rest the weekend, so I have to adapt my careers with the days off or make changes with my colleagues, muscularly and mentally I am adapted to train at any time of the day, you can swim to the 6: 30 in the morning or to go running at 13 hours after working at night, is something that really costs me to do.

barroso__2261214 Fernando Barroso "The most spectacular of the Triathlon Festival Ribadesella is the cycling sector with 1900 meters of vertical drop" News Triathlon

Last year, you proclaimed the MD Champion of Asturias, tell us: How does it feel to proclaim yourself Champion in the first test that this title grants in the History of Asturias?

First to thank Mario Reis manager of Triathlon Festival and organizer of the event in Ribadesella his commitment and dedication to make this test go forward, I am very proud to say that I am the first Asturian MD Champion, it is something that I think is always remembered .

After a year in which you have managed to be Champion of Asturias MD, winner in the TRIMD of Riaño, in the Triathlon of Laredo, and third in Castro Urdiales and in Canet. How do you face this season? What are your goals at the individual level?

At the individual level for the first part of the season is to run several tests of the No Drafting Series, I will go to Arenales, Valencia (Cto de España MD) and Triathlon Festival Ribadesella, Ribadesella will be a complicated appointment since it is a week after the Cto de España in Valencia and I would like to have a good race there and take away a little the bad taste that Ecotrimad left me last year.

This 2015 changes club What brings you to this change and what are the objectives as a team?

This year I return home, I will run again with the Civil Academy - CNSO, I am Asturian and I am excited to run with equipment from here, it was all very fast, it was not something that I was evaluating but Marcos and Chema presented me the project and I liked the idea, in addition I also change the coach putting in the hands of Ivan Fedz Moro something that unites me more to them, as a team my contribution will be maximum, it is a first division team and the most important thing is to maintain the category with what I will also have to adapt to racing team races either duathlon, relay triathlon etc.

Being the first Asturian to reach goal in Ribadesella, sets the bar high for the 2015, how do you face it?

I face it calm, I can not allow myself to be obsessed with winning again Ribadesella (Regional), I know that in Asturias there are good triathletes that the day they do an MD they will do it very well, I will try to win the test but make the position that makes sure that I will have tried.

Tell us a little about this circuit and your experience. Would you recommend it?

Ribadesella is peculiar and different, swimming or it is very good because there is no sea and it is calm or it can be very difficult to be an open beach and get into waves, the race on foot is relatively easy and fast through the walk, always and when you have been able to keep something on your bike, because the most spectacular of Ribadesella is the cycling sector, there are 1900 meters of altitude so the goat at home, you are continuously ascending and descending on technical roads and the longest climb is 4 km, roads that go inland making changes in valleys and where good cyclists can make a difference, with this I do not say it is not suitable for everyone, since Ribadesella many people take it as a personal challenge, as Mario says it is hard, very hard , but it satisfies, so I recommend it to all the people who like the no draf because there is no wheel here.

What makes this test different to other events in which you have participated?

It is an MD that goes out of the ordinary, when you hear the middle word, we all think of the goat, coupling and rolling, Ribadesella is different, Ribadesella is regular effort.

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Photos: Trasgu / Sergio González Ahedo

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