• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Fernando Santander and Elian Krist Sotelo win in the Olympic Distance Triathlon Valencia.

More than 700 triathletes have taken the start of the ninth edition of the Valencia Triathlon in the Olympic modality. 

At the 8 hours on Sunday, the last day of the Valencia Triathlon, with the dispute of the Olympic modality.

This test would consist of 1500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers of running. The sky was cloudy and with the temperature a little lower than the day of Saturday. One more day with the threat of rain, but it seems that finally the bad weather has not been an impediment to celebrate Valencia Triathlon 2018.

The first to take the start were the federated men, among whom the final podium of the race would be played. The first triathlete to get out of the water was Fernando Peral, from the Triathlon Clavería de Mostoles, followed very closely by Fernando Santander, the triathlete of Castellón was throwing himself in the cycling sector and took the lead dominating the competition practically alone from start to finish.

Finally it was proclaimed winner of Valencia Trialtón 2018 with a time of 01: 55: 08. The second and third place has been changing throughout the race with several candidates to fill the position. After the race segment, Sergio Juan, from the SYS Laboratory, got second place entering the finish line at 01:56:18. The third place has been for Francisco Manuel Ramírez, of the Trivila, that arrived in 01: 57: 13.

Twenty minutes after starting the men's competition it was the girls' turn. After the first segment Sonia Ruiz came out of the water, marking the best record in the water as expected since it is her specialty. During the cycling he went solo and managed to increase the distance with his pursuers Eliana Sotelo and Nuria Morrió, who got off the bike in second and third place. Ahead they were waiting for all 10 kilometers of running, which would sentence the race. Sonia went through the second round running in first position, but suffering and with Eliana Sotelo hot on her heels.

Finally, at the beginning of the third round Sonia was overtaken by her persecutor. Finally, Eliana Sotelo, from CD Aguaviva Benidorm, was proclaimed winner of the Valencia Triathlon 2018 in Olympic distance, with a time of 02:17:59. Second came the independent triathlete Rocío Marín, which completed the test in 02: 18: 45. Sonia Ruiz and after suffering during the run on foot managed to maintain podium position, and reached the finish line in third position. The triathlete of the Trivila has done a time of 02: 19: 20.

With the arrival of all the triathletes to the finish line, one more year of the great triathlon party that is Valencia Triathlon.

 Each year, growing from the national competition of the 2017 edition, to hosting an international event as it has been in this edition with the Triathlon European Cup.

We hope that everyone has been able to enjoy the triathlon throughout the weekend. The organization would like to thank all the participants who have entrusted one more year to this triathlon, the entire work team for the effort made throughout the weekend, and especially all the volunteers, who have selflessly collaborated with Valencia Triathlon 2018 and they have made it a reality. See you in 2019, #NosVemosEnLaMeta.

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