• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Festibike once again becomes the annual event of the bicycle world

Festibike has returned to the bicycle sector an outdoor fair with more than 200 exhibiting brands

The public has challenged the rain during these three days in which Festibike has returned to the bicycle sector an outdoor fair with more than 200 exhibiting brands represented and a large number of activities for the general public.

The organization's commitment to develop this fair that celebrates 19 editions, He has shown confidence in the format among the sector, since the general feeling - both public and exhibitors - has been very positive.

 “TBoth the organization and the bicycle sector have bet heavily on the return of Festibike to Las Rozas. In addition to being organizers, we also feel part of the sector, and from both points of view, we want to thank all those involved - expositors and public - for their support to carry out this great event where we have put all the effort and work to return to Be the reference of the bicycle world.

The pre-start thermometer gave us great confidence when we saw that the attendance of the final and professional audience was going to be positive; and it has been shown that in the moments in which time has accompanied, the influx has been massive. We make a very positive balance and soon we will start working on the 2020 edition”, Highlighted Guillermo de Portugal, director of Festibike.

Cofidís Cycle Touring March

 The day of the last day has begun with the Cofidís Cycle Touring March, a Festibike classic. With just over 100 kilometers ahead, cyclists have taken the exit, on time, to enjoy a non-competitive test that has passed normally.

Gravel Cannondale Route

Half an hour later, the Gravel Cannondale Route, A test suitable for the brave only: 66 kilometers before the participants who have passed a course marked by sections of a certain technical level.

The bikers had before them a challenge: to complete the route that they have previously downloaded to their devices, guided by GPS and accompanied by monitors of the organization, passing through municipalities such as Colmenarejo, Villafranca del Castillo, Brunete and Valdemorillo, among others.

 If there is something characteristic of Festibike are the child careers.

As always the smallest of the house have had the opportunity to feel the protagonists of the day. From the 2 to the 8 years and distributed in different outputs, all of them have enjoyed MTB during the morning, and have shown that they are a good quarry for this sport.

El International Virtual Cycling Championship: Movistar Virtual Cycling

 Another of the most exciting moments of the day has been in the finals of the I International Virtual Cycling Championship: Movistar Virtual Cycling. A large number of people who have not stopped cheering for the finalists who have thoroughly worked this morning to take the podium have approached the stand.

The stage to be completed for both the women's and men's categories has been the Liège - Bastogne - Liège of Belgium. The first virtual cycling world champions have been: Gema García-Calderón and Jorge Díaz.

Family gymkana

 As a novelty in this edition, lto family Gymkana qIt has started at 11: 30 hours. The teamwork of the participants by the pinewood of the Navalcarbón Meadow to find the hidden clues, has left some of the funniest moments of the day.

The activity of demo circuit nor has ceased at any time, as has the child road safety circuit. And the exhibitions of Sergi Llongueras have captivated the public day after day, with their risky maneuvers on the modules and obstacles.

 Festibike closes its doors until next year with the same enthusiasm and desire as in its first editions; an appointment for all audiences where cycling and fun have been the main protagonists of this weekend

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