Filion resigns as coach of the British Triathlon Federation

Joel Filliol Head Coach of the British Triathlon Federation will leave his post on March 18 this year.

Filliol took office in March 2009, moving from Canada to the UK, where he had been a coach at the High Performance Center.

In an interview he quoted: “I have made this decision even though I am very happy with the objectives achieved in the high performance program with the English triathletes, but the time has come to return to my "roots" and be back with the athletes directly as a personal trainer".

"In any case, I am sure that the English triathletes will offer a magnificent show in 2012."

The head of high competition Heather Williams, commented; “Of course we regret the march Joel and I would like to thank you for your contribution and we wish you the best for the future".

"For our part, we will continue working to find the best solution to ensure that our Triathlon will be in the best conditions in 2012"


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