Flora Duffy and Ben kanute winners of Island House Triathlon

Mario Mola finished in eleventh position

Flora Duffy y Ben Kanute have fulfilled the predictions and have achieved victory after the 2 days of the Island House Triathlon

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Today's test consisted of completing a sprint triathlon (750 m - 20 km - 5 km) where Henri Schoeman has achieved victory followed by Terenzo Bozzone and Ben Kanute in third position that has served him to achieve victory in the general classification. Mario Mola has been tenth. Second place went to Terenzo Bozzone and third place to Henri Schoeman while Mario Mola finished in eleventh final position.

Male general classification

 Island House Triathlon Men's Classification 2017

In the women's race, the victory in today's race was for Flora Duffy, followed by Katie Zaferes and Holly Lawrence in third place.

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Female general classification

Island House Triathlon Women's Ranking 2017


Further information: http://www.islandhousetriathlon.com/

 Photos: @tzaferes

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