Flora Duffy wins the Tokyo Olympics

After the men's test played yesterday where Kristian Blummenfelt got the gold medalToday the women's triathlon event was held at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

El Typhoon Nepartak caused the start of the competition to be delayed, finally leaving at 6:45. This typhoon changed various competitions such as surfing, archery or rowing.

The humidity of 93%) and the rain marked the test where 54 women took the start.

Among the favorites were triathletes of the stature of Flora Duffy, Nicola Spirig, Summer Rappaport, Taylor Knibb, Katie Zaferes or Georgia Taylor Brown among others. Spain was represented by two triathletes, Miriam Casillas y Anna Godoy.

The 1.500 meter swim was played at 2 laps with 950 meters the 1st and 550m the second, where the race was broken from the beginning as the leading group with 7 units with Jessica Leartmonth, Vittoria Lopes, Katie Zaferes, Summer Rapapport, Georgia Taylor Brown, Flora Duffy and Laura Lindenman who finished the segment in 41 seconds ahead of a very stretched second group with Vicky Holland.

Spirig came out with more than 1 minute lost. Miriam Casillas left at 1:23 while Anna Godoy at 1:49

In the highly technical cycling segment it was marked by rain and wet ground where there were several falls and dropouts such as that of the French Cassandre Beagrand.

In the passage through the first lap, the leading group was 1 minute ahead of the chasing group of 14 units where Spirig, Holland, Jeffcoat or Klamer among others were.

In the passage through the fifth lap, the leading group with a strong rhythm fell off Rappaport and Lopes passing with 1:15 of advantage over the chasing group.

Finally, Zaferes, Lindenman, Duffy and Leartmonth in the lead followed by Taylor Brown at 2 seconds and the chasing group at 22 minute.

Miriam Casillas got off the bike at 3:21 and Anna Godoy could not finish the test as she was bent in the cycling segment.

In the race on foot from the beginning Flora Duffy imposed a strong rhythm to leave in the first meters alone

In the passage through the middle of the segment, Duffy was still leading with 47 seconds over Zaferes and 52 over Taylor-Brown, who seemed to be going to dispute the medals.

In the third lap Duffy continued to increase his advantage over Zaferes and Taylor-Brown who were together at 1:07.

Finally Flora Duffy he got the victory and the gold medal with a time of 1:55:36. The silver medal went to the British Georgia Taylor-Brown (1:56:50) and the bronze one for the North American Katie Zafferes. (1: 57: 03)

Miriam Casillas has finally finished in 21st position


Job title Country Athlete Time Difference
1 BER Duffy Flora 1:55:36
2 GBR TAYLOR-BROWN Georgia 1:56:50 + 1: 14
3 USA Katie Zaferes 1:57:03 + 1: 27
4 NED Rachel KLAMER 1:57:48 + 2: 12
5 FRA PERIAULT Leonie 1:57:49 + 2: 13
6 SUI SPIRIG Nicola 1:58:05 + 2: 29
7 ITA BETTO Alice 1:58:22 + 2: 46
8 GER LINDEMANN Laura 1:58:24 + 2: 48
9 GBR LEARMONTH Jessica 1:58:28 + 2: 52
10 BEL BARTHELEMY Valerie 1:58:49 + 3: 13

There are no previous results.

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