Flora Duffy wins the World Series in Yokohama and is placed as leader of the ranking

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Bermudan with the best time on foot has achieved its second consecutive victory

At the dawn of today, the third round of the Triathlon World Series in Yokohama was held, where the favorite, Flora Duffy, has fulfilled the forecasts and has achieved his second consecutive victory after two weeks ago at the Bermuda Islands, in addition the leadership of the World Ranking.

Duffy has been strong from start to finish coming out first of the water, being in the leading group in the cycling sector and thanks to the best time in the race on foot (33: 26) has achieved victory.

The test began with the 1.900 meter swim where the fastest was Flora Duffy coming out in a small group with Cook and Zaferes.

Swimming exit

There are no previous results.

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