Flora Duffy wins the Abu Dhabi WTS

After the men's test where Jelle Geens has achieved the victory the turn of the women's race came from 13:11 Spanish time.

The Abu Dhabi test is the second appointment to score for the 2022 Triathlon World Series Ranking and the best triathletes on the circuit have participated.

The race broke into the cycling segment where a 5-unit group was formed with Knibb, Learmonth, Coldwell, Duffy and Taylor Brown leaving alone.

In the running race Flora Duffy demonstrated her quality by leaving her escape partners and finally achieving victory with a time of 55:42 followed by Georgia Taylor Brown (55: 54) and by Sophie Coldwell (56: 12) in third position.

As for the Spanish Sara Perez It has been 26ª and Miriam Casillas 38 ª.


Pos Athlete Country Time / Difference
1 Flora DUFFY  BER 0:55:42
2 Georgia TAYLOR-BROWN  GBR 00:55:54 +00:00:12
3 Sophie COLDWELL  GBR 00:56:12 +00:00:31
4 Jessica LEARMONTH  GBR 00:56:28 +00:00:47
5 Taylor KNIBB  USA 00:56:36 +00:00:55
6 Cassandre BEAUGRAND  FRA 00:57:25 +00:01:44
7 Beth Potter  GBR 00:57:29 +00:01:48
8 Non-STANFORD  GBR 00:57:32 +00:01:51
9 rachel clamer  NED 00:57:35 +00:01:54
10 Vicky holland  GBR 00:57:39 +00:01:58

There are no previous results.

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