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Flora Duffy without options to win the World Cup again

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The injured triathlete has announced that she will not participate in the last 2 WTS of the season.

The Bermudian triathlete has just announced on social networks that she will not participate in the next World Series appointments due to an injury.

The triathlete commented that does not participate in Edmonton or Montreal, although he will try to be in the Grand Final, losing all options to win the world title again. Was champion in 2016 and 2017.

Flora, who this year has achieved the victory in Bermuda and YokohamaWas tenth in the past WTS Hamburg, where his injury worsened.

Duffy participated in this date injured trying to keep their options for the World Cup, with the result of aggravation of the injury with the consequence of losing their podium options in this year's Ranking.

The final classification of ITU Ranking It is calculated by adding the 5 better rankings in WTS tests plus that achieved in the Grand Final.

Fot: ITU

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