Francesc Godoy and Charlotte McShane win the San Sebastian triathlon

The Catalan Francesc Godoy, already winner at 2011, and the Australian Charlotte McShane, they achieved victory in the XXVIII International Triathlon of Atlético San Sebastián, the oldest test of the Spanish calendar.



Thousands of people followed from early morning this competition in Olympic distance that closes the northern cycle of outstanding triathlons (Bilbao, Ondarroa, Zarautz, Lekeitio and San Sebastian), held under overcast sky but with a pleasant temperature ranging from 17 to the 20 degrees, something thanked the more than 800 participants


The first 1.500 meters swim in the bay of Donostia, departing and arriving at the beach of La Concha, were made with the remains of the morning mist. Jake Montgomery, from Australia, came out as favorite, but Godoy finished in 18: 08 and took 10 seconds ahead. Aitor Regillaga and Gorka Bizkarra, in their worst specialty, left the water away from the first but confident in the recovery of positions, as it happened.


With a high percentage of humidity and sections with slightly wet asphalt, the cyclist route was made through Añorga, Usurbil, Orio, climb to the top of Mendizorrotz and descent of Mount Igeldo for the transition to the race on foot and therefore the change of shoes.


Iker Leonet's good role on the bike - the only one with a partial below the hour and 7 minutes - at which time 'Cesc' Godoy reinforced his leadership with a second position in this segment.


The young Australian Montgomery, loose on the machine, improved a lot in the athletic test by the walk of the San Sebastian beach, where the Guipuzcoan Jon Unanue squeezed a lot to be second after Francesc Godoy, who improved in 7 minutes the chrono made in 2011. Montgomery third and fourth Ander Okamika, a triathlete in constant rise.


The logic planned in the women's category with the expected hand-in-hand between Australians, a closed duel but always leading Charlotte McShane who, for example, came out of the swim test with a second advantage over Natalie Van Coevorden.


Equality was total at the end of the cycling segment and both were awarded a 1.19 time trial: 23. In contrast, McShane showed a superior freshness in the final stretch that allowed him to get off his compatriot and solve the triathlon with 1: 23 advantage over the winner of last year when he beat out Natalia Raña, sister of international triathlete Ivan Raña.


The Basque Ibone Sanchez credited to be in a happy state of form. His regularity -third fastest time in each segment- and authority - he took more than six minutes to Madrid Nuria Blanco- gave him the 'bronze' in the test with specific good role in swimming and cycling.




1 Francesc Godoy 1.58: 06

2 Jon Unanue 2.01: 11

3 Jake Montgomery (AUS) 2.01: 21

4 Ander Okamika 2.02: 18

5 Aitor Regillaga 2.03: 13

6 Ignacio Muller 2.03: 48

7 Gorka Bizkarra 2.04: 33

8 Iñigo Eizagirre 2.04: 39

9 Adur Eskisabel 2.04: 59

10 Iñaki Loinaz 2.05: 15


1 Charlotte McShane (AUS) 2.15: 32

2 Natalie Van Coevorden (AUS) 2.16: 55

3 Ibone Sánchez 2.19: 42

4 Nuria Blanco 2.26: 06

5 Pili Bodegas 2.26: 22



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