Francesc Sola García wins the paratriathlon of the Europeans of Pontevedra

The Spanish athlete Francesc Sola García achieved victory in the TRI1 category of the paratriathlon test of the European Triathlon Championships, which are being held this weekend in Pontevedra, followed by Rafael López and Roberto Chávez, who also finished in the leading group.

In the TRI 1 category of this paratriathlon test are people who are tetraplegic, paraplegic, with polio or who have suffered amputation in both legs, such as Solá. The Spaniard, who lacks lower extremities, managed to arrive first in her category, while in the female category was the British Jane Egan.

In the TRI2 category, the winner was the French David Peiffer. In TRI3, Britain once again took the podium in the men's category with Steven Judge, while in TRI4 and TRI5, Peter Brorokay and Ernest Scheiber were the winners in the men's category.

Finally in TRI6, the Galician Susana Rodríguez, who was very happy to be able to participate in this test for the first time and managed to pass the swimming test without complications.

In this test, a total of 52 athletes participated in the 6 different categories, depending on the type of disability, and very few were forced to drop out.

Source: europapress

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