France Mixed Relay Triathlon World Champion

Yesterday was held in Montreal the Mixed Relay Triathlon World Championship in an exciting test.

The French team was made up of Emma lombi, Pierre Le Corre, Vicent Luis y Cassandre Beaugrand and they achieved victory ahead of Great Britain and the United States.

Spain, which also participated in the test, was eleventh with Anna Godoy, Antonio Serrat, Roberto Sánchez y Sara Perez.

In this Championship, in addition to the world title, the qualification for 2 teams to the Paris 2024 Games was at stake, where as France is the host team and already qualified, the teams from GB and USA have achieved the pass.


Position Team Name Country Total Time
1 Team I France FRA 01:27:14
2 Team I Great Britain GBR 01:27:37
3 Team I United States USA 01:27:44
4 Team I New Zealand NZL 01:27:53
5 Team I Canada CAN 01:29:06
6 Team I Switzerland SUI 01:29:11
7 Team I Denmark THE 01:29:22
8 Team I Portugal BY 01:29:32
9 Team I Italy ITA 01:29:34
10 Team I Australia AUS 01:29:37
11 Team I Spain ESP 01:29:59
12 Team I Norway NOR 01:31:19
13 Team I Mexico MEX 01:31:56
14 Team I Netherlands NED 01:31:57

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