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France lets run 2 km or 20 minutes maximum

You can only leave home "for work, health reasons or to buy."

More and more countries are adding more measures to control the pandemic of the coronavirus.

France has increasing confinement, but leaving sports that if, just 20 minutes and close to your home

The reason for letting go running is that you can only leave home «pfor work, health reasons or to buy".

Although they maintain the general rule of not leaving the house, they allow it to be done whenever it is near the home and very little time.

«1 km, 2 km maximum… It is about not leaving home. The rule is containment for everyone. Remember that you should only go out for emergencies like shopping or your health. It is possible to run a little for balance, but not 10 km! », Published the sports ministry eun tweet

In a response to an athlete, I they replied half jokingly when he asked yes I could go 10 kilometers around at a distance of 500 meters from your house.

The answer was the maximum time of 20 ': «It's not possible. You should not go out any longer than to go shopping. The idea is to stretch your legs. If you do 10 km in less than 20 minutes, contact those of the Guinness Record"They replied.

In Spain it is not possible to go running

The State of alarm in Spain is not allowed to go out to practice sports outdoors, the authorities recommend that you do sports, but inside the houses.

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