Franco Pesavento and Anna Medvedeva Winter Duathlon World Champions.

Today the first edition of the Winter Duathlon World Championship, a novel test, with only 2 segments and with many transitions.

The athletes had to complete 3 times 4 km of running in the snow plus 6 km of cross-country skiing, which has made the test very hard.

In the men's category, the title went to Franco Pesavento with a time of 1: 46: 12 followed by Viorel Palici (1: 48: 21) and for Hans Christian Tungevik (1: 49: 19).

In the women's test the victory was for Anna Medvedeva with a time of 2:05:30 followed by Ine Skjellum (2: 10: 03) and for Maria Luisa Rasina (2: 14: 13.)

Male classification

franc Pesavento ITA 01:46:12
Viorel Palici ROU 01:48:21
Hans Christian Tungevik NOR 01:49:19
Mikhail Anti-pin RUSSIAN 01:49:43
brands Rauchfuss CZE 01:50:25
Mattia Tanara ITA 01:52:30
Benjamin Cayroche FRA 01:54:03
Manual bortolas ITA 01:54:33
Krillin Le Bihan FRA 01:56:17
Marin Gautier FRA 01:56:44
Ian Pennekamp NED 01:59:07
Adam Holomoucky CZE 02:17:31
Frode Viberg Jermstad NOR DNF

Female classification

Anna Medvedeva RUSSIAN 02:05:30
Ine Skjellum NOR 02:10:03
Maria Luisa Resin ROU 02:14:13
Julie Meinicke NOR 02:16:23
Lorena grant GER 02:20:46
Stina Meinicke NOR DNF

With this test the festival has begun in Andorra where this weekend the Winter Triathlon World Championship will be held.

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