Frederick Van Lierde and Gurutze Frades winners of the first edition Extreme Man Narbonne

The Belgian triathlete, Frederick Van Lierde with a total time of 3:38:42 has been proclaimed seller of the first edition of Extreme Man Narbonne, the second place on the podium has been for Victor del Corral, 3:46:46, followed by French Francois Chabaud, 3:49:12. Marcel Zamora fourth place, just one minute behind third place. In female category  Gurutze Frades took the gold, followed by Ana Rovira and Ivet Farriols



Spectacular morning lived today on the French coast where more than 60 Spaniards have traveled to Narbonne, being surprised by the proximity to the border and the spectacular landscapes that this neighboring town has for the celebration of a test of this caliber that It will indisputably grow in the next editions.

It has been in this first edition where the Belgian triathlete, Frederick Van Lierde, twice winner of the Ironman of Nice 2011 and 2012, has marked the differences from the first round of the swimming circuit, taking a 5-minute advantage over the second on his arrival at T1, Marcel Zamora. Van Lierde maintained this difference until the end of the foot race, thus proclaiming himself champion of the first edition of Extreme Man Narbonne

Marcel Zamora had a good swimming segment, coming out of the water in second position, however, due to discomfort in his flank, he did not have the opportunity to overcome times to catch up with Van Lierde and he gave this second position to the French triathlete Chabaud, entering together to Victor del Corral in T2.

Once the race began, and when it seemed that the positions were already defined, the Spanish triathlete Victor del Corral did an impressive segment of the race on foot, managing to complete the 21 km in a total time of 1:10:53, which gave him He has awarded a well-deserved second place on the podium, leaving the third position to Francois Chabaud.

According to statements made to the press by the winner of this first edition of Extreme Man, Frederick Van Lierde "I am very happy to have won this test, it has been a test for the Kona Ironman that will be held in five weeks, and I can say that my sensations have been very good, I have felt very confrontable throughout the circuit. The animation on the circuit has been spectacular and the weather has also favored the ability to perform at this level”

For the second classified Victor del Corral, winner of the Ironman Lanzarote 2012, despite the fact that the sensations have not been as good in the swimming segment as expected, however, he has shown his excellent physical condition for the preparation of the World Duathlon to be held in two weeks in Nancy "The swimming segment has been a bit more complicated than expected and this has made me lose a few minutes, however in the running race I have had very good feelings and it has been a good test also for Nancy, since in recent weeks it is the discipline in which I have put more emphasis, so I am happy with my performance during this race "

In the female category, the Spanish women have led the circuit, obtaining Gurutze Frades the first place on the podium with a time of 4:32:17 followed by Anna Rovira 4:43:18 and third place on the podium Ivet Farriols 4:53:43

According to statements made to the press by the winner of this first edition "I am happy with the result, the swimming has gone well, in the cycling segment I have tried to do my best to get the maximum advantage, since I had very good runners behind me In the end I managed to maintain this leadership position and reach the finish line first. It has been a good test for the Spanish Long Distance Championship that will be held at the end of this month”

Extreme Man Narbonne has also stood out thanks to the presence of a large number of Spanish triathletes who have accompanied us on this day, who have confirmed feeling a great reception from the French public that has accompanied them from start to finish during this circuit, in the which has highlighted the cycling segment for its spectacular landscapes as well as the foot race for its speed and the beauty of the promenade located in said town”

Extreme Man will move to Menorca on September 23, where the last event of this year 2012 will be held, which has welcomed more than 1500 participants between the four circuits, consolidating itself as the largest medium-distance circuit nationwide.

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