2010 Triathlon Gala

Next Saturday, February 19 at 19.00:2010 p.m., the Triathlon Gala will be held at the Alfredo Goyeneche Auditorium of the COE (Spanish Olympic Committee), organized by the Spanish Triathlon Federation, in which the prizes for sporting merits will be delivered. of the year XNUMX.

The event will be chaired by representatives of the Spanish Olympic Committee, the Higher Sports Council and the Spanish Triathlon Federation, who will be in charge of awarding the trophies to the winners.

As every year, the purpose of the gala is to reward the most outstanding athletes of the season, as well as other recognitions for the work carried out in promoting our sport.


Some of the winners who will receive the medal are Gómez Noya, Virgina Berasategui, Eneko Llanos, Victor del Corral, Ana Burgos, etc.

Here you can see the list of winners


Source: www.triatlon.org

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