Madrileño Triathlon Gala

The third edition of the Madrid Triathlon Gala took place last Thursday, March 10 at Sala Moma, located on José Abascal 56 street. There, numerous athletes such as José Almagro, Esther Leal, María José Encinas «Chose »And true milestones of the Madrid triathlon such as Felipe Gutiérrez, Víctor Martínez or Juan José Anaya among others.

The Gala began with a speech by TVE journalist, Ana José Cancio, who read an article titled "The Triathlete of the Year" and gave way to a beautiful video that summarized the great 2010 season that the Madrid Triathlon has had, as well as two summary videos of the World Series in Madrid.

Subsequently, the awards ceremony was held, where Alicia García, FETRI General Secretary, presented the individual Community of Madrid Cup awards to José Almagro and Nuria Blanco and by clubs to the Marlins Triathlon Club.

Madrid Triathlon Gala

Other prizes that were also awarded were to the Club with the most participation where the Ecosport de Alcobendas took the cake in both the women's and men's categories, the Federation Trophy for Ana Burgos, of which it is worth noting her absence at the Gala, Esther Leal and the CT Diablillos de Rivas, and the mentions Magerit, given to Felipe Gutiérrez for his great career as a speaker in national and international competitions, for being the founder of the T3 Club and for being the pioneer in the development of the Triathlon in Madrid. Víctor Martínez also received his mentions for his career as head of Laetus Sport and Miguel de la Villa for his support of the Triathlon in his time as General Director of Sports for the Madrid City Council.

Madrid Triathlon Gala

Finally, Carlota Castrejana, General Director of Sports for the Community of Madrid, put the finishing touch on the 2011 Madrid Triathlon Gala.

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