Participate in the virtual FulGaz LeJog competition and enter the draw for 5 ZYCLE ZPRO reels

Compete with people from all over the world in one of the most iconic races in the UK

ZYCLE, one of the best roller brands on the market, sponsors this test where 5 of its smart rollers will be raffled ZYCLE ZPRO.

fullgaz is a 4K virtual cycling platform that has a multitude of recorded routes around the world.

If you do not know the platform, it offers a free 14-day trial, without the need for a credit card.

FulGaz LeJog, a 22-stage competition

Take part in the inaugural event, where you can compete alongside the rest of the participants from all over the world on the 22 stages starting at the bottom of the UK at Lands End and ending at the top of John O'Groats, Scotland.

What is the competition?

LeJog's virtual event consists of 22 stages ranging from the bottom of the UK (Lands End) to the northernmost, ending at John O'Groats (Scotland).

Being a virtual event in real time, all riders will be able to see their ride progress through the leaderboards.

El moons 1 de marzo, the first stage will be held between Land's End to St Ives, and then the rest of the stages will open from day 2.

There is a deadline to complete the 22 stages until March 27

During the competition, many of the most iconic sites in the UK through FulGaz, with more than 500 km of route.

You can win a ZPro roller

Zycle Smart ZPro Roller Review
Zycle Smart ZPro Roller Review

Just by participating in the competition you will have the opportunity to participate in a 5-roll ZYCLE ZPro draw.

These are the steps to do to register:

  •  Participate in the FulGaz LeJog competition.
  •  Complete the ZYCLE giveaway registration form.

How can I participate?

All LeJog registrants will have access to the exclusive 22-stage LeJog event within FulGaz, with real-time leaderboards along with great prizes from all event contributors.

Registering for this competition, which can be done individually or in teams, has a cost of € 65 (100 Australian dollars)

You can register through its official website

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