IRONMAN World Cup winners: What position did you have in the previous World Cup? 

What position did the last IRONMAN World Cup winners do in the previous World Cup? 

The world of triathlon is in suspense, waiting for one of the most anticipated events of the year: the IRONMAN World Championship 2023 in Nice.  

This competition, which brings together the best athletes in the world, It is an opportunity to see how those who have reached the top in previous years perform in the present. 

History of Winners and their previous position  

The analysis of previous IRONMAN winners shows us an interesting trend. 

Most champions have been on the podium the previous year or have won the title in recent years.  

For example, Jan Frodeno, winner in 2019, had already obtained the title in previous years.  

The surprise came from the Norwegians Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden, winning in St George and Kona in 2022 in his first start. 

Year of Victory  Winner  Previous Participation 
2005  Faris Al Sultan  Third 
2006  Normann Stadler  Champion (2 years ago) 
2007  Chris McCormack  Second 
2008  Craig Alexander  Second 
2009  Craig Alexander  Defending Champion 
2010  Chris McCormack  Champion (3 years ago) 
2011  Craig Alexander  Champion (2 years ago) 
2012  Pete Jacobs  Second 
2013  Frederick Van Lierde  Third 
2014  Sebastian Kienle  Third 
2015  Jan Frodeno  Third 
2016  Jan Frodeno  Defending Champion 
2017  Patrick Lange  Third 
2018  Patrick Lange  Defending Champion 
2019  Jan Frodeno  Champion (3 years ago) 
2021  Kristian Blummenfelt  Beginner 
2022  Gustav Iden  Beginner 

 As you can see, between 2005 and 2019, all the winners had been on the podium the previous year or had won Kona two or three years before.  

However, in 2021 and 2022, athletes who had never participated in the competition won the championships. 

Nice 2023: What to expect? 

With the IRONMAN World Championship moving to Nice, there is a lot of speculation about who could take the title this year.  

Based on past performance, Jan Frodeno, Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden y Sam Laidlow They are clear favorites.  

However, Nice is a new and challenging course, and there could be surprises. 

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