Genis Grau second in the Lievin European Cup

Today a new edition of the spectacular Indoor Triathlon European Cup was held in Lievin (Fracnia).

The test has been held at the Arena Stade Couvert in the town over a distance of 150 meters swimming, 3.000 meters cycling and 1.000 meters running.

The competition has been played in a knockout and final format where 3 Spaniards have reached the last round, Anna Godoy, Paula del Pozo and Genis Grau.

In the men's event, the double world champion Vicent Luis He has taken the victory with a time of 9:33 followed by the Spanish Genis Grau (9:34) and by the Hungarian Csongor Lehmann - 9:35

In the women's event the victory has been for the German Nina Eim with a time of 10: 35 followed by Lisa Tertsch (10: 37) and by jolien vermeylen (10: 38) in third position.

As for the Spanish Paula from the Well It was ninth and Anna Godoy 11 º

Male classification

Vincent LUIS 00:09:33
Genis GRAY 00:09:34
Csongor LEHMANN 00:09:35
Harry LELEU 00:09:41
James EDGAR 00:09:43
Nathan GRAYEL 00:09:43
Baptiste PASSEMARD 00:09:47
Takumi HOJO 00:09:52
Raphael MONTOYA 00:09:56
Joris BASSLE 00:09:59
Tomas ZIKMUND 00:10:03
Hugo WINOCK 00:10:06

Female classification

Nina EIM 00:10:35
Lisa TERTSCH 00:10:37
Jolien VERMEYLEN 00:10:38
Iona MILLER 00:10:43
Christmas BEHRENS 00:10:48
Ilaria ZANE 00:10:49
Verena STEINHAUSER 00:10:49
Rebecca BETI 00:10:50
Paula FROM THE DRUNK WELL 00:10:52
Margot GARABEDIAN 00:10:52
Anna Godoy Contreras 00:10:53
Valerie Barthelemy 00:10:59

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