Genis Grau runner-up in Europe Duathlon

Today, Sunday, July 4, the Duathlon European Championship where Spanish selection has achieved 5 medals among all categories

In the elite category Genis Grau has achieved the runner-up in Europe, entering behind the French Benjamin Chokert, that has taken the victory and the European championship.

In that same test Fernando Zorrilla has been eighth and Emilio Martin tenth

In the elite female event Mary Pintanel has been fourth 4th and European Champion in sub23 while María Varo has been 5th. The European champion has been the French Audrey Merle

In the female U23 category, in addition to Marta's medal, Marina Muñoz He has taken bronze, in the men's event of that category Diego Mentrida It has been 6º

In the paratrialton tests, Spain has achieved 2 golds with the victory of Kini Carrasco in PTS3 and Rafa Solis in the PTS5 category.

Spanish Classification

Post Athlete Country Zone Time
  2   Genis GRAU    ESP   Elite Men 0:51:36
  8   Fernando ZORRILLA MEDRANO    ESP   Elite Men 0:52:46
  10   Emilio MARTIN    ESP   Elite Men 0:52:56
  4   Maria VARO ZUBIRI    ESP   Elite Women 0:58:14
  12   Sara GUERRERO MANSO    ESP   Elite Women 1:02:01
  6   Diego MENTRIDA ZAMARRA    ESP   U23 Men 0:54:30
  1   Marta PINTANEL RAYMUNDO    ESP   U23 Women 0:58:00
  3   Marina MUÑOZ HERNANDO    ESP   U23 Women 0:59:25

Elite male classification

Post Athlete Country Zone Time
  1   Benjamin CHOQUERT    FRA   Elite Men 0:51:28
  2   Genis GRAU    ESP   Elite Men 0:51:36
  3   Arnaud DELY    BEL   Elite Men 0:51:39
  4   Yohan LE BERRE    FRA   Elite Men 0:51:50
  5   Maxime BARGETTO    FRA   Elite Men 0:51:57
  6   Jimmy KERSHAW    GBR   Elite Men 0:52:02
  7   Angelo VANDECASTEELE    BEL   Elite Men 0:52:25
  8   Fernando ZORRILLA MEDRANO    ESP   Elite Men 0:52:46
  9   Toon MARIËN    BEL   Elite Men 0:52:50
  10   Emilio MARTIN    ESP   Elite Men 0:52:56

Elite female classification

Post Athlete Country Zone Time
  1   AUDREY MERLE    FRA   Elite Women 0:56:47
  2   Marion Legrand    FRA   Elite Women 0:57:54
  3   Ann SCHOOT UITERKAMP    NED   Elite Women 0:57:55
  4   Maria VARO ZUBIRI    ESP   Elite Women 0:58:14
  5   Diede Diederiks    NED   Elite Women 0:58:16
  6   Maurine RICOUR    BEL   Elite Women 0:58:31
  7   claudia kelsall    GBR   Elite Women 0:59:30
  8   Sandrina ILLES    TUE   Elite Women 0:59:45
  9   Lotte CLAES    BEL   Elite Women 1:00:12
  10   Karin NIEUWENHUIJSEN    NED   Elite Women 1:00:31

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