Genis Grau third in the Lisbon Triathlon World Cup

Today the second day of the Triathlon World Cup, where the young Genis Grau has achieved a magnificent third position

Genis who has been fighting at all times in the top positions has managed to climb to the third box of the podium in a tight sprint alongside Jonas Schomburg.

The victory has been for Kristian Blummenfelt with a time of 1: 42: 33 followed by Max Studer (1: 42: 41) and for Genis Grau (1: 42: 55).

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As for the rest of Spaniards, this has been their classification

Pos Athlete Time / Difference
3 Grau Genis 01:42:55 +00:00:23
10 Cool mario 01:43:32 +00:00:59
48 Gonzalez garcia alberto 01:47:36 +00:05:03
53 Viñuela Gonzalez Kevin Tarek 01:51:26 +00:08:54



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