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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

George Goodwin and Judith Corachan win the Half Triathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz

The Scottish 21 years old, gives the surprise getting the victory and Judith gets her second consecutive victory in the test

Today the twelfth edition of the Half Triathon Vitoria-Gasteiz was held, with more than 2.500 participants, achieving the record number of participation in the entire history of the event.

As usual, we found many of the best triathletes in the specialty such as Miguel Ángel Fidalgo, Erik Merino, Helene Alberdi, Maria Pujol, Judith Corachan, last year's winner or Dolça Ollé among others.

The young British Goodwin of 21 years gets the victory with a great comeback  

The test began at 8:30 in the morning with the 1.900 meters of swimming in the Ullíbarri-Gambia reservoir where the first to get out of the water was Guillem Rojas, surpassing Miguel Ángel Fidalgo and Fernando Barroso by more than 2 minutes who started in third position with almost 3 minutes behind the leader.

In the 90 km of cycling, George Goodwin went back to place himself as a leader passing in the first checkpoint with 1: 40 advantage over Fidalgo and 5: 40 over Andújar.

Goodwin continued to increase the advantage over his pursuers passing through kilometer 70 of the circuit with a 3:50 advantage over Miguel Ángel Fidalgo and 6:35 over Pedro Andújar to finally reach T2 in first position. Finally Goodwin arrived first at T2 with more than 11 minutes over Fidalgo and a little further behind Andújar entered in third position.

In the 21 km of running the Scottish George Goodwin he knew how to maintain his advantage to get the victory in the test with a time of 3: 53: 17. the second has been Miguel Ángel Fidalgo (4: 02: 30) followed by Eric Merino (4: 06: 59) occupying the third final position. Pedro Andújar, who was third has been disqualified for an offense on the bike

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